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28 October 2014

Fall Nail Art Guest Post At Shelby Lou Nails

Hi everyone! One of my blogging friends Shelby celebrated her first blog anniversary over at Shelby Lou Nails. To celebrate she's having a series of guest posts and I was honoured to be asked. I decided to do some fall nail art using some polishes from my brand Renaissance Cosmetics. Shelby is one of the few people in the blogging world that I've met in person, and she's a real sweetheart. I think we all know how hard the first year of blogging can be - struggling to define your voice, improve your skills, and dealing with few followers and comments. So if you head on over to Shelby's blog, make sure to give her a huge congrats for her milestone! You can find my guest post here.

Falling leaves nail art

And thanks again Shelby for having me on your blog!

25 October 2014

Halloween Guest Post at Seize The Nail

Hi everyone! I had the wonderful honour of doing a guest post over at Seize The Nail. I've been a fan of Bella's beautiful nails and makeup looks for awhile now, and it's no wonder she's become such a popular nail artist on Instagram. I was asked to do a Halloween themed post so I turned to the infamous candy corn as my inspiration. Want to know how I feel about candy corn? Well you'll have to check out the post! ;)

What do you think of this? Let me know either here or over at Bella's blog!

Edit: I've submitted this look to the Nail Polish Canada Halloween Nail Art Contest, if you like my design you can vote for me HERE. Thanks!

03 January 2014

Guest Post Over At Lacquertude

Hi everyone! I recently had the opportunity to guest post over at Lacquertude. Kate is a relatively new-ish blogger, but she's really hit the ground running. Her nail art is very unique and she puts together very high quality posts and tutorials. I believe I first saw her work when it was shared on the piCture pOlish Facebook page, and I'm always in awe when she comes out with a new design. I encourage you to visit her blog and check it out for yourself!

While you're there you can read about this snowflake design I did for my guest post. It's somewhat similar to the snowflake design I posted on Christmas, but this one was done first and I think turned out a bit better (if I had to decide that is).

I'd like to hear from you! What do you think of this? Are you still up for more winter-themed manis or are you tired of all the snowy imagery? :)

27 December 2013

Guest Blog Post at Work Play Polish

Hi everyone! My nail art was recently featured in a guest post at Work Play Polish. I’ve admired Leslie’s blog for some time now, so I’m very honored to have this opportunity. Not only that, this guest post series was put together to support a great cause, making this an even more positive experience.

Holiday mosaic nails

01 November 2013

Guest Post at Lacquered by Blue Vanilla

Happy Halloween everyone! So far I haven't done any Halloween nail art on this blog, however, I did do a guest post over at Lacquered by Blue Vanilla - a blog by Bethanie and Xin Yu, two friends from Singapore. They had a series of guest posts and the theme was, naturally, Halloween! It's a great series, so make sure to check it out!

Head on over to my guest post to read about this nail art design and see more pictures. Can you guess what book I took as my inspiration? If you don't know you'll have to find out over at Xin Yu and Bethanie's blog. ;)

What do you think of this? Did you do any nail art for Halloween?

19 August 2013

Guest Post At Sincerely Stephanie

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday is not too painful! ;) This is just a short post to let you know I did a guest post over at Sincerely Stephanie. You can read more about this design featuring Femme Fatale Cloudburst over there (link). I'd love to hear what you think of this in the comments either here or over there.

Femme Fatale Cloudburst abstract nail art

I'll be back later today with some new cremes from indie brand Girly Bits, in the meantime, enjoy your day!

23 July 2013

Guest Post at The Nailasaurus

Hi everyone! I still can't believe I'm writing this post. A little while ago I was contacted by Sammy at The Nailasaurus asking if I would be interested in writing a guest post for her blog while she was away on holidays. Once I picked my jaw off the floor, I immediately replied with a yes! How could I refuse something like that!?

Fractal Galaxy Nails for The Nailasaurus (link)

This post is special to me because The Nailasaurus was one of the first blogs that I followed when I became interested in nail polish and nail polish blogs. Her nail art is always so creative, inspiring and impeccably done. Not only that but her advice for new nail bloggers, and her post on taking nail pictures were extremely helpful to me as a newbie blogger trying to navigate my way through everything.

I would really love if you checked out my guest post (link) and let me know what you think. You can also read more about the design, the inspiration, and how I did it. I've done guest posts before, but never for a blog with such a large readership. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And make sure to check out the other nail artists that Sammy has lined up for this week!

Thanks for reading everyone!

18 July 2013

Guest Post At Jennibertt's Nails

Hi everyone! If you are in Southern Ontario I hope you are surviving the heat wave. If I seem less active here and elsewhere it's because I'm currently melting into a puddle of my former self. Luckily I have a guest post over at Jennibertt's Nails to keep things alive over here. So check out my post (link) for more on this design.

As always, I'd love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment either here or over there. I know I'm not always the best at responding, but I really do read each and every one! So thank you everyone who takes the time to leave a comment. :)

31 May 2013

Guest Post Over at Peace, Love & Polish

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I did a guest post over at Peace, Love & Polish. When Heather asked for guest bloggers to help out while she spends time with her newborn, I decided to volunteer. I also wanted to do something that fit the occasion so I decided to do mobile nails. I'm super happy with how these turned out, and it was tough keeping them a secret for so long!!

Outer space mobile nail art design

So please do me a favour, check out my post over on Heather's blog (link), and let me know what you think of these, either here or over there. :) Do you get the mobile theme?!
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