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08 December 2014

Cirque Colors Live It Up Collection, Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! I have the latest collection from Cirque Colors for you tonight. When it comes to indie polish, Cirque is known for their high quality lacquers, packaging and promotional material. I love splurging on their polishes, and I've never been disappointed by this brand. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to review them. The Live It Up collection is a set of five glitter toppers, perfect for the holidays and New Year.

Cirque Live It Up collection

10 May 2014

New From Renaissance Cosmetics: The Wunderkammer Collection

Hi everyone! After three months I'm so pleased to be finally releasing another collection. I really wish it hadn't been so long, but sometimes things don't fall into place like originally planned. When I set out to make a spring collection, I had a few ideas, but none of them really excited me. So I decided to go back to the drawing board and try a new idea, and I think the collection is stronger because of it.

Renaissance Cosmetics Wunderkammer Collection

12 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 3, Random: Beautiful Distressed with Shimmer Jennifer

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here, I'm feeling a bit sad - we're having the first truly gorgeous weekend with lots of sun and warm temperatures, and I'm stuck inside with a huge pile of marking. It's like tax season for academics. Booo.

Shimmer Polish Jennifer with distressed nails

07 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 1, Glitter: Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

Hi everyone! I'm starting a new challenge today. The Neverending Pile Challenge was created by Missy of Gnarly Gnails. If you're interested in joining, it's running through a group on Facebook called the Glittah Pirates (arrrrr!). The point of the challenge is to use your untrieds - those polishes that you bought with good intentions but have sat collecting dust. I have way too many, and with my goal this year to use more of my polishes, this challenge (along with the GOT Challenge) are perfect for me.

Lynnderella Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

19 March 2014

Lynnderella Snow Moon: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Lately I've been obsessed with Lynnderella glitters. They are pricey little things so I haven't bought too many, but I did add my first LEs several weeks ago, along with this new one called Snow Moon. Plus I've been perusing the Lynnderella eBay store rather excessively, counting down the days till my next payday. Six more days...

Lynnderella Snow Moon

I think it's because I've been working on trying to make nice glitter polishes myself. No small task I might add. A lot of glitter polishes, even by the big brands, just look bland to me. I need complexity without chaos - no need to have a glitter apocalypse on my nails - and shimmer that doesn't overwhelm.   The Lynnderellas that I own do that for me - they have a level of complexity, and balance of glitters and shimmers, that really stand out in my collection.

07 March 2014

The Nail Bites: Lynnderella Aquamarine Calm

Hi everyone! So the other week I posed the idea of doing shorter, bite-sized posts that would be mixed in with my regular posts. Well, I figured my new shortie posts should have their own name...The Nail Bites! ;)

Every week the Love Lynnderella Facebook page hosts a giveaway, and you can gain extra entries by posting a mani with the POTW (polish of the week). This week it was Aquamarine Calm, so it was the perfect opportunity to pull out one of my untrieds.

09 February 2014

Rainbow Honey Spring 2014 Sneak Peak: Papillion

Hi everyone! Yesterday I showed you two polishes from Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk collection just in time for Valentine's Day. And today I have a polish from their upcoming Midnight Garden Spring Collection, due to come out in mid-March. Make sure to check out the rest of the post for swatches and a promo code to get some money off your next order!

06 February 2014

Lynnderella Oh Canada!

Hi everyone! I've said this before, I'm hesitant when it comes to showing polishes that are exclusive, rare, and/or hard to find. But at the same time, when something is so awesome, it's hard to keep it to myself! Oh Canada! is a custom Lynnderella polish - a few other Canadian Lynnderella fans and I went in on it together. And boy, am I glad I did, I'm so happy with how it turned out. :)

24 January 2014

Introducing the Renaissance Custom Lacquer Love...Everyday Collection

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA lately. I have no excuse besides laziness and spending a bit too much time with Netflix...that thing is totally addicting.

I have the new Valentine's Day collection from my indie brand, Renaissance Cosmetics. These polishes will go on sale tomorrow, Friday January 24th, at 12pm (noon) EST at Renaissance Cosmetics. At the same time we'll be restocking the popular L'Hiver! So if you missed out the first time, now is your chance to get it!

Renaissance Custom Lacquer Love...Everyday Collection

Check out the rest of this post for more about the collection, as well as a bunch of swatches!

19 January 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Monochrome: Mix n' Match Magenta

Hi everyone! A bit late I know, but here's my fifth and final nail art for The Digit-al Dozen monochrome week. I know I've only participated in three challenge weeks, but this is by far my favourite. I'm really happy with what I came up with, and I want to keep up the momentum until next month's challenge.

Mix n' Match Magenta

09 January 2014

Foxy Paws Baby Come Home...And I've Got Some Stars For You

Hi everyone! I have a short post for you tonight since I have an 8:30am class tomorrow - drag!! Foxy Paws Baby Come Home is from the Filthy/Gorgeous collection, seven super fun polishes with bright neon colours, and sparkly glitter. Many of them also glow in the dark and reflect under UV light. Like so many of Charlotte's polishes, these are inspired by music, more specifically, the American pop group Scissor Sisters.

Foxy Paws Baby Come Home

Check out the rest of my post for some swatches as well as a fun star design!

13 December 2013

Polished by Alexandra, Winter 2013: Holiday Traditions

Hi everyone! I have the latest collection from Polished by Alexandra for you tonight. If you haven't seen my previous posts about this brand, you should know that Alexandra started selling soaps and other bath and body products through her shop Soaps by Alexandra, opened in 2011. Earlier this year she moved into making indie polishes, also sold out of the same shop. And she's a professional classical opera singer!

This is my third collection I've reviewed from this brand, and I'm happy to see the development in Alex's work. While the summer collection contained some bright cremes and sheers, and the fall collection had rich shimmers, this collection offers you some classic crellies, and shimmery duo/multichrome polishes.

Polished by Alexandra, Winter 2013: Holiday Traditions

04 December 2013

Four Weeks of piCture pOlish: Week Two: A Whimsical Skittlette

Hi everyone! Another week, another gorgeous piCture pOlish shade to share with you. When I was asked by the ladies at piCture pOlish if there was any polish in particular that I wanted to review, Whimsy was my choice - and do you blame me!? This collaboration shade with Neverland Nail Blog is so stunning that I had to show you swatches and some simple nail art, so make sure to check out the full post!

piCture pOlish Whimsy

21 November 2013

Introducing Renaissance Custom Lacquer!

Hi everyone! Today's post is a very special one for me. Several months ago, my sister and I sat down at a cafe on Bloor Street in downtown Toronto and discussed ideas for what would become our own indie polish line. After many weekends experimenting with different pigments and glitters, weeks spent testing and bottling our creations, developing a website, and swatching polishes, the time has finally come to set an opening date (more info later in this post).

So I introduce to you Renaissance Custom Lacquer, aka Renaissance Cosmetics (since we would eventually like to expand and introduce other products). You can find our website at Right now it is in maintenance mode, but if you like, you can sign up for our newsletter, or send us an email. You can also follow us on Facebook. As much as I try to be objective in describing and showing our polishes, I do realize that I am biased, so on our Facebook page I'll be showing swatches from other bloggers.

Renaissance Custom Lacquer

Without further ado, I want to show you our first collection and two stand alone polishes we've created...

09 November 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Swatches

Hello everyone! Things have been quiet over hear on account of work, but I'm very excited to be showing you some Femme Fatale swatches tonight!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, an indie brand and distributor based in Australia, is probably amongst my favourite indie brands. They are constantly introducing polishes that become lemmings for me. Also they make and sell gorgeous mineral eyeshadows - I bought some a few months ago, and I seriously use them at least 2-3 times per week. If you have not checked them out, I encourage you to do so!

24 October 2013

Jindie Nails Halloween 2013 Collection, Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! I hope you aren't tired of Halloween collections because I have another one for you today. If you follow Jindie Nails you may have already seen the new Halloween collection for this year. If not, you are in for a treat! And this collection is soon to be discontinued, so if you want to get your mitts on them, you need to act fast...more on that at the end of my post. :)

Jindie Nails Halloween 2013 Collection

22 October 2013

Jindie Nails Harlow Can You Go, Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone! This is a short post to tell you about a new polish from Jindie Nails available at Harlow & Co. Click on the page jump to see more photos and swatches!

Jindie Nails Harlow Can You Go

18 October 2013

WingDust Collections: Lilacs in June, Plum Outta Ideas, and Summer Storm

Hi everyone! I have some gorgeous polishes from WingDust Collections today. If you haven't tried this indie brand yet, you must seriously do so. I would say it's probably one of my favourite indie brands, I feel like every polish is a work of art in a bottle. And I'm not just saying that because it's a Canadian brand, although I do love my Canadian indies! ;)

I haven't shown some WingDust polishes in awhile, but it's mainly because reviews and challenge manis seem to take up much of my time these days. However, when I was editing these photos, it made me want to pull out my untrieds from this brand and swatch them all.

WingDust Collections Summer Storm, Lilacs in June and Plum Outta Ideas

The formula on these were the same. I was able to get full coverage in three coats, and each polish has an excellent formula. They go on very smooth and evenly, with just the perfect amount of glitter - not too little that you can't see it, not too much that the polish is lumpy. Stephanie (the maker) has really perfected her formula for glitter polishes in a creme/shimmer base. I am never disappointed and these are no exception.

Lilacs in June is a dusty pink with a very subtle blue shimmer, as well as a glitter mixture of lime green, periwinkle, lavender,  and some purple hexes in various sizes. Some of the glitter is also holographic and iridescent. I love how feminine and delicate this is. This was 3 coats.

WingDust Collections Lilacs in June

WingDust Collections Lilacs in June

Plum Outta Ideas is an amazing burgundy jelly with fine gold shimmer, and small pink, purple and gold glitter. This is such a perfect colour for any time of year, but especially the fall when I want to be wearing darker colours. 3 coats.

WingDust Collections Plum Outta Ideas

WingDust Collections Plum Outta Ideas

WingDust Collections Plum Outta Ideas

Summer Storm is grey with a purple shimmer, and a beautiful mixture of glitter - silver, pink, fuchsia, purple, and lavender hexes and circles in different sizes. It's a fun play on neutral colours, and I've always loved grey-purple colour combinations, so this was perfect for me.

WingDust Collections Summer Storm

WingDust Collections Summer Storm

Again, all polishes were perfect, really no issues in application. Although the shimmers are subtle in some cases, they are all noticeable on the nail. Out of the three, I feel it's hard to select my favourites but I think it's a toss up between Summer Storm and Plum Outta Ideas.

What do you think of these? Have you tried WingDust Collections yet?

WingDust Collections is available through their Etsy store and Llarowe. Follow WingDust on Facebook and Instagram (@Wingdust) for updates and news.

*Lilacs in June and Plum Outta Ideas were purchased by me. Summer Storm was a gift, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

06 October 2013

Different Dimension Fall 2013 Collection, Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone! First off, an apology to you and Different Dimension, I meant to post this a few days ago, but behind the scenes things have been stressful here. I'm hoping it will ease up by next week. The Fall 2013 collection came out at the same time as the Halloween collection, and it consists of four great holos, two glitter toppers, and two crellies with glitter. Some of these are currently available, but if you are not able to get your hands on them, be patient. Different Dimension is good about keeping their Etsy store stocked, and these are also available at several distributors.

Different Dimension Chocolate, Cranfairy, Dueling Unicorns, and Lucid Dreams

Different Dimension Lucky, Mystified, Nessie's Revenge, and Scarlet & Grey Remix

There's a lot of photos to go through, mainly because these are so gorgeous that it was hard to limit myself. So I'll offer my thoughts at the very end. One thing to note is the bottle size - I received minis in my press kit, but judging from the Different Dimension Etsy store, I think these are only available as full size polishes.

Chocolate is a brown linear holo. The holo effect is not as strong as the others, but still very noticeable. The formula was great and I had no issues with this - it went on very smooth and evenly. 3 coats.

Different Dimension Chocolate

Different Dimension Chocolate

Different Dimension Chocolate

Cranfairy is a raspberry-coloured jelly with pink and magenta small square and hex glitter. While this looks gorgeous in the bottle, I found that it was difficult to apply. The consistency is a bit thick and lumpy, and as you can see from my photos it's hard to get a nice, smooth, even application. If you get this one, I recommend layering one coat over a matching polish, or adding thinner, which should make the application easier. This was 3 coats.

Different Dimension Cranfairy

Different Dimension Cranfairy

Dueling Unicorns is a vivid warm-toned purple linear holo. It has a strong holo effect and it's a gorgeous polish - I can see this being flattering on a lot of skin tones. Application wise, it was a bit streaky and patchy with first and second coat, but evened out with the third. 3 coats.

Different Dimension Dueling Unicorns

Different Dimension Dueling Unicorns

Different Dimension Dueling Unicorns

Lucid Dreams is an off-white crelly with small gold iridescent and holographic glitter in hexes and squares. I really love off-white polishes, and I love the gold glitter in this. Consistency was a bit lumpy, but slightly better than Cranfairy. I recommend layering one coat over a matching base polish and/or adding a few drops of thinner. Otherwise it has good coverage for an off-white polish. 3 coats.

Different Dimension Lucid Dreams

Different Dimension Lucid Dreams

Different Dimension Lucid Dreams

Lucky is a magenta linear holo. It has a strong holo effect and the colour is so gorgeous and sexy. The formula was good, although it wanted to pull away from tips - that seemed to fix itself on the third coat. 3 coats.

Different Dimension Lucky

Different Dimension Lucky

Different Dimension Lucky

Mystified is a clear-based glitter topper with pink matte circles and hexes, lavender hexes, and copper hexes. The application was great and I had no trouble getting enough glitter out. I love purple and brown colour combinations and this one is pretty. According to Missi, this would look good over neutrals or purples. This was 1 coat over Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special.

Different Dimension Mystified

Different Dimension Mystified

Nessie's Revenge is a grass-green linear holo. Like the others, this has a strong holo effect and is a gorgeous, flattering colour. The formula was excellent - perfect consistency, completely even and self-leveling, and no patchiness. This was 3 coats.

Different Dimension Nessie's Revenge

Different Dimension Nessie's Revenge

Different Dimension Nessie's Revenge

Scarlet & Grey Remix is a clear-based glitter topper with matte grey, matte white and metallic red glitter in small hexes, squares, and circles. Missi describes this as being for her (football?) team the Buckeyes, but I'm not a sports fan and can still appreciate the colours. The formula was excellent and I had no trouble getting enough glitter on the nail. This was 1 coat over Girly Bits D!ck In A Box.

Different Dimension Scarlet & Grey Remix

Different Dimension Scarlet & Grey Remix

Overall, I feel like this collection has a good variety, and I like that the names are often cute or witty. The holos are definitely the stand out of the collection, but I also think they are the least unique of the polishes. We've been seeing a lot of indies come out with holos lately - I'm guessing due to the demand for these polishes - and I feel like we've seen these colours before. That doesn't mean that they are not worth your money. The formula on these holos is excellent, and the holo effect on each one is strong. Also they are a good value - with full bottles running at $11, they are cheaper than many other holos on the market.

Of the holos my favourite is Dueling Unicorns, closely followed by Lucky. My favourite glitter topper is Mystified, and my favourite crelly is Lucid Dreams.

I'm curious, have you gotten any of the new polishes from Different Dimension? Which ones are your favourite?

Different Dimension is available on Etsy, and through Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signatures, Edgy Polish, and Ledoux Nuage. Follow Different Dimensions on Facebook and Instagram (@missibarry) to keep up with updates.

*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

29 September 2013

Girly Bits Elephant Shoe and OVbunEn, Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone! It's Sunday morning here, and not my usual posting time, but I wanted to show you this new duo by Girly Bits. Elephant Shoe and OVbunEN were released along with the Fall Season Premiere collection but are separate. They are great in that they go perfectly together but are versatile enough to be paired with other polishes as well. You can buy these polishes individually or as a duo from the Girly Bits website.

Girly Bits Elephant Shoe and OVbunEN

According to the Girly Bits website both shades were inspired by expecting friends, and they certainly have a springtime/baby shower vibe. Although they don't go with the dark vampy colours and shimmers we've been seeing this fall, I love muted pastels and greys so you won't see me complaining! ;)

Elephant Shoe is a mid-tone neutral grey creme. The application was perfect and it was completely self-leveling. This was 3 coats. It's a nice neutral colour for nail art, and I've already used it several times, for example in my "dusk blue skittlette" from last week. It's also a great base for glitter polishes and would go well with a variety of colours.

Girly Bits Elephant Shoe

Girly Bits Elephant Shoe

OVbunEN is a clear-based glitter topper with matte yellow, pink, baby blue, and periwinkle glitter in hexes, diamonds, and circles. There's also tiny holo glitter that gives shimmery effect, and iridescent bars that you don't see until the light hits them. I have quite a few pastel glitter toppers but this one is completely unique, I love it! The application was excellent and I had no trouble getting enough glitter out or spreading it evenly on the nail. I used 1 coat over Elephant Shoe in the first photo, and Julep Bunny in the second and third.

Girly Bits OVbunEN (over Elephant Shoe)

Girly Bits OVbunEN (over Julep Bunny)

Girly Bits OVbunEN (over Julep Bunny)

What do you think of this duo? Would you wear them in the fall or are you a seasonal colours person?

Girly Bits polishes are available from their website, there you'll also find a list of distributors for other places to buy Girly Bits. Follow Girly Bits Cosmetics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and new releases.

*Products in this post provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more detail.*
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