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30 June 2013

From the Readers: Your Easy Nail Art Tips and Techniques, Part Two

This is a short series of posts where I take a look at some easy nail art tips and techniques sent in by readers and followers of this blog on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to check out Part One of this series for some background info as well as more great responses!


Hi everyone! Before I get into today's post, I'm sure you've heard over and over that Google Reader is gone tomorrow (July 1st, 2013). I'm sure everyone who uses it has probably already switched to some other reader, but I just wanted to remind or let you know the ways you can follow me. Keep in mind this doesn't effect Google Friend Connect, which for now is safe. I've added little side buttons/widgets on my blog so you can subscribe by RSS, email, or Bloglovin'. You can also follow me on Facebook, and I update that after each post. There's also Instagram and Tumblr, and while I try to keep on top of those, they don't get updated immediately like Facebook does.

...Okay, now that that's out of the way, I wanted to thank everyone for the great response to Part One of this little series. For the second part of this series I wanted to focus on glitter gradients, French tips, and skittle manis. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I'm really amazed by the variety in the responses. Like I expected, there is a lot of overlap in terms of the techniques, but everyone has their own way of doing something. I think that was very apparent in the last post, especially with the dot manicures.

I Heart Glitter Gradients

Glitter gradients you may have guessed are my go-to easy nail art technique. I have to make a conscious effort to not do them too much and to find other ideas for nail art, mainly out of fear that my blog readers will mutiny! So I love the different approaches everyone has to this beautiful technique.

Marisa of Polish Obsession (blog) not only did a glitter gradient, but she also did a regular it! In her words: "What I find simple to do is a gradient. Either with two colors using a makeup sponge, or by adding a glitter gradient to an old mani. The mani I'm sharing has both ;0)."

Image Source

Chantal who blogs about nails, beauty, and more at Chantal's Corner (blog) had this to say about glitter gradients: "My favourite go-to nail art is a glitter gradient, and my second is dotted nail art. I unfortunately don't do either very often, but if I'm short on time and I do want to add a little something, those 2 are my top go-to. I also use glitter gradients to cover up nail chips or shrinkage (from top coat)."

Image source

I really love the colour combination on this one. Not only is a glitter gradient a good way to cover chips but I find that my glitter gradient manis tend to last longer in the first place. That is when you do them on the tips of the nails. I think it's the extra layer(s) of polish.

Q at Squeaky Nails (blog), had a lot of suggestions but in the end submitted a glitter gradient: "As far as techniques that don't require that much time go, I'd say go for tape. I love how quick and easy it is, and you can do so many awesome things with it! Maybe combine a few contrasting colours, or different finishes even? A matte/shiny tape manicure can look SO good! Leopard/animal prints are also a fave of mine, and really quick to do! I also love to see glitter gradients of any kind!"

Image source

I love how delicate this is! I've been a fan of Q's blog for awhile, ever since she wrote to me and asked me to check it out. She has great pictures and not enough followers IMO. :)

Funky French Tips!

No I'm not talking about odd advice from French people. Funky French tips or a funky French manicure is when you paint the tips of your nails a different colour, or maybe you do some stamping on the tips of your nails, something that contrasts the rest of the nail. I've never tried it but these two bloggers have it down pat!

Inky from Inky Wiskers (blog) suggested a "fun chunky glitter with a double line French tip in colors that go with the glitter."

Image source

I love this idea, and I also love the pink polish she used as a! :)

Christine who blogs at Polished Marvels (blog) also suggested French tips in either a contrasting colour or with glitter. I've been following Christine's blog for awhile and I always love her manis (and she has the best collection), so I was happy when she submitted this very classic design.

Image Source

Another Favourite - The Skittle Mani

A skittle mani is when all nails are different but there's something to tie them together, maybe a common colour, or a similar design. They can be as intricate or as easy as you want, but I think that the technique (if you can call it that), lends itself to some very easy nail art. 

Reader Shelby G doesn't have a blog but is wanting to start one later in the year. I think she's off to a good start with this really nice design. She also offered the following advice: "Skittles manicures are so easy and look impressive. I've been using black, white, and one additional color for the past couple days and they are so easy! Obviously very minimal skills are needed, you only need a good aesthetic and a steady hand. Add a couple studs and you've got a work of art :-) "

Photo credit: Shelby G

Reader Mnemo also had a similar suggestion, pointing out the skittlette technique ala Marta of Chit Chat Nails. If you are not familiar with Marta's skittlettes, then you should really check out her how-to post (link).


So stay tuned for one more "From the Readers" post. What did you think of today's designs and suggestions? Do you find these posts helpful?
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