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12 March 2014

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle: Swatches, Review and Comparisons

Hi everyone! You may remember a few weeks ago, I showed you Girly Bits Flash Your Tips, which was included in the A Box, Indied subscription box for March. Well Girly Bits is included in the April box with this beautiful periwinkle holo, perfect for spring.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle

When I first saw this, I wondered if it was close to Flash Your Tips. So I decided to do a quick comparison and include a few other purple and purple/blue holos from Girly Bits.

06 March 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection: Swatches, Review, and Comparisons

Hi everyone! So you may have noticed things have been silent over here. Nothing major happened, I've just had a really heavy workload these past two weeks. I'm hoping things will settle down and I can go back to posting 5 days a week. I'm also hoping that I can tackle some of my blog goals this month.

Anyways, I've had my hands on the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection for a few weeks now. I bought these from Nail Polish Canada, one of my favourite places to get my nail polish "fix," hehe. I was a bit nervous about splurging for these - after all, China Glaze has released two other textured collections before this, and both of them were terrible, in my opinion. But the initial photos I saw were so intriguing I had to get them.

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Lucky for me I did, because I'm pretty impressed with most of the collection. I also was able to compare three of them to other texture polishes in my collection, which made me like them even more.

05 February 2014

Zoya Naturel Comparisons AKA The Great Nude (Polish) Comparison Post

Hi everyone! You may recall a few days ago I posted a review of the Zoya Naturel collection. I was curious if a few of my other polishes were similar, and what started as one or two comparisons turned into a full blown nude polish comparison post.

Some of these comparisons are about discovering whether two similar polishes are "dupes." But in other comparisons I've done simply that - put 2-4 polishes together that are in the same colour family, to see how they look side-by-side.

19 April 2013

Dior Bird of Paradise Collection Vernis Nail Duo in Samba (001): Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone! I was in The Bay a few days ago and I saw the new Bird of Paradise collection from Dior. The collection includes a variety of products - blush, lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. - but more relevant to my interests, and this blog, where the two nail lacquer duos. These are mini sized duos that are billed as "summer nail lacquer duo for tips & toes." Each duo consists of two 7ml/0.23 fl. oz. polishes in the signature Dior bottle. According to the Sales Associate at the Dior counter, these polishes are very limited edition, and not part of the core collection. However as we'll see with the second duo, one of these polishes has been released previously.

Dior Bird of Paradise Collection Vernis Nail Duo in Samba (001)

While my logical left brain told me I shouldn't be splurging on these, my emotional right brain said "go for it!" Lol. So right brain won this time, and I bought both duos. I'm showing you the first one today, and the second one I will show you later this week.

The individual polishes don't have names, so I'll be referring to them by their bottle numbers. All swatches are with a coat of Seche Vite. Edit: I noticed that photos have a slightly off appearance when viewing them in the blog post. Viewing the photos in the lightbox mode is recommended. To do that simply click on any photo.

Dior Bird of Paradise Collection Vernis Nail Duo in Samba (001)

402 is a pale jade creme. On the Dior website it's labelled a "sea blue," however, I don't agree with that description. I find this to be such an amazing hue. I don't normally gravitate to colours like this, but I fell instantly in love once it was on. The formula is perfection and it went on very creamy and smooth and was completely self-levelling. I used two coats for these swatches, and I was just in awe of how easy it applied, and how flawless it looked.

Dior Vernis 402 (Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001)

Dior Vernis 402 (Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001)
(note: I don't know why this looks so different from the other photo,
but they were similar in my photo editing program)

794 is the stunner of the collection, and the one that has caught every body's eyes. This is a metallic teal green with an electric green shimmer. While there is a slight shift towards blue, I wouldn't call this a true duochrome. The formula on this one was also perfect, and I used two coats here. You do have to have a bit of a steady hand as the brushstrokes are slightly visible, but it is very minimal. One issue I had was slight shrinkage at the tips after applying top coat. I didn't have that issue with my other swatches from this collection, so I believe it's something about the makeup of the polish itself.

Dior Vernis 794 (Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001)

Dior Vernis 794 (Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001)

Dior Vernis 794 (Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba 001)

Comparisons: In searching my collection I did manage to find a few polishes that were close to these, however, there's no dupes here.

Dior 402 Comparison

  • Pinky/Index: Dior 402 was a shade darker than the other two, it also had the best formula out of the three shown here.
  • Ring: Models Own Jade Stone is a shade lighter than the Dior but very similar. This was three coats.
  • Middle: Essie Turquoise & Caicos is lighter and more sheer than the others. It also is a tad more muted in colour. Out of the three this had the worst formula, very sheer and almost watery, but three coats for full coverage.
L-R: Dior, Essie, Models Own, and Dior

I also have bottle shots, which include Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. The Sally Hansen is much lighter than the Dior as you can see.

Dior 794 Comparison
  • Pinky/Index: Dior 794
  • Ring: China Glaze Unpredictable I thought would be similar based on the bottle but this is not close at all. It's more of a green-gold base with slight blue duochrome.
  • Middle: Sally Hansen Scarab (Lustre Shine line) is the closest to the Dior, and very similar in formula, but the Sally Hansen is more blue than the Dior. 
L-R: Dior, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, and Dior

According to promotional material I've seen, this collection is supposed to be available in May, but as I said, I found it already on display. I was also told that it was very limited edition, so if you are interested you might want to keep your eye out for it. I paid $30 CAD for each duo. 

What do you think of this duo? Are you tempted to buy it? Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll have some nail art using this duo!!

19 February 2013

Jindie Nails Candy Land and Candy Land Remix

Hi everyone! Tonight I have two insanely popular polishes from Jindie Nails - Candy Land and the deluxe version, AKA, Candy Land Remix. I thought it would be fun to show them together in the same post.

Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix and Candy Land

Candy Land is a white creme/jelly polish with medium and large sized neon hex glitter. The glitter comes in blue, orange, pink, yellow, green, and purple. The formula was good. However, it seems that the glitter tends to sink to the bottom, so I would recommend sitting it upside down for at least 15-20 minutes before you start.

Jindie Nails Candy Land

I used two coats here, and the only thing I had an issue with is the glitter placement. You need to be careful when applying so that you don't end up with a clump of glitter, or glitter sticking off your nail. Unfortunately, I ended up with a weird orange piece on my index finger that I didn't notice until after the polish dried. So I learned my lesson the hard way. :(

Jindie Nails Candy Land

Candy Land Remix has the same neon hex glitter as Candy Land, but it also has teeny tiny neon glitter in blue, orange, and pink. The base also seemed a bit more sheer and I needed three coats. But it doesn't have the same issue as Candy Land with the glitter sinking to the bottom, so the glitter appears to be suspended better. Glitter placement is also an issue with this one.

Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix

Jindie Nails Candy Land Remix

For both polishes I finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out. Overall, I really love both polishes, they're pretty, and I like how the glitter peaks through the layers. But in order to get enough glitter out, I had to shake the bottle, and I think that's how I ended up with bubbles. And the bubbles are very noticeable with these polishes. Ah, nail polish problems!!

Jindie Nails is available through Etsy (restock on the 23rd of this month), Llarowe, Ninja Polish, and Mei Mei's Signatures. Check each site for selection, availability, and shipping info.

What do you think of these? Do you have either polish yet?
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