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25 January 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: I've GOT the Blues

Hi everyone! This week's GOT challenge was blue, and you may think that it would be difficult to pick out one blue, given that I have so many. Surprisingly it was easy. I knew right away that I wanted to use one of the more unique, and hard-to-find polishes in my collection...Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles!

Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles

I also did some grungy, distressed flowers on top. But I'm on the fence as to whether they turned out or not, so I think I'll let you be the judge of that!

14 January 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Monochrome: Blue Valentine

Hi everyone! It's another week of Digit-al Dozen challenges, and I'm pretty excited, because for the first time ever, I finished mine beforehand! Yeah organization! And I really enjoyed this theme so I'm happy with how my ideas turned out. Today though, I'm showing you what is probably my favourite of the bunch.

Blue Valentine

Monochromatic means one colour plus black and white. You'll see some days that I pushed the limits a bit by using cream instead of white, or using a glitter or holographic polish. But for the most part I really stuck to the prompt. Despite the limitations, I think it was a good prompt for inspiring some cool looks. But enough with that, more about this design!

07 January 2014

Wing Dust Collections, Swatches and Review: I Ain't No Angel, I Can See Your Holo, and Waking Dream

Hi everyone! Now that all my end of the year/beginning of the year blog posts are out of the way, I can get back to regular blog posts. And for you that means swatches! Even better - all three of these polishes are included in my giveaway! Stephanie, the maker of Wing Dust Collections, was kind enough not only to donate some polishes for the giveaway, but she also sent an extra set so that I could blog about them!

All three of these polishes are stunning as I've come to expect from Wing Dust Collections. Beautiful shimmers, poetic names, and ethereal colours and glitters.

09 November 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Swatches

Hello everyone! Things have been quiet over hear on account of work, but I'm very excited to be showing you some Femme Fatale swatches tonight!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, an indie brand and distributor based in Australia, is probably amongst my favourite indie brands. They are constantly introducing polishes that become lemmings for me. Also they make and sell gorgeous mineral eyeshadows - I bought some a few months ago, and I seriously use them at least 2-3 times per week. If you have not checked them out, I encourage you to do so!

02 November 2013

Introducing Lumina Lacquer Eternal Winter!

Hi everyone! Today's post is very special for me, and one that's been in the works for months. Awhile back I was contacted by Tatiana of Lumina Lacquer to create a collaboration polish with her. I love what Tatiana is doing with her brand, and I've enjoyed reviewing Lumina Lacquer on this blog, so of course I said yes! Then of course was the hard part of coming up with an idea and keeping it a secret (I'm not good at secrets).

Lumina Lacquer Eternal Winter

05 October 2013

Girly Bits Fall Season Premiere: Part Three, Saturday Night Live

Hi everyone! As usual I'm behind on my 31 Day Challenge post, but I have a lot of swatches I need to post, so it all works out. Tonight I have the third and final instalment of the Girly Bits Fall Season Premiere collection, this time inspired by Saturday Night Live. Don't forget to check out the rest of this collection with the Bones and the Family Guy-inspired polishes. There was also the OVbunEN/Elephant Shoe duo released at the same time. I know that these polishes are starting to show up at the various stockists, and they are worth checking out!

Girly Bits Fall Season Premiere Collection - inspired by Saturday Night Live

I'll admit out of the three shows that this collection draws from, Saturday Night Live is the only one I'm not familiar with. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I've never seen an episode. However, that didn't stop me from appreciating the polishes in this collection - they are absolutely amazing. If you love holos, you will certainly love these!

D!ck in a Box is a mid-tone steel grey linear holo. The polish has green undertones - more noticeable in direct light - and a strong holo effect that is just stunning. The formula was excellent and it went on very evenly. I used 3 coats although 2 would also work.

Girly Bits D!ck in a Box

Girly Bits D!ck in a Box

Girly Bits D!ck in a Box

More Cowbell is a blue-grey linear holo, also with a strong holo effect. I love grey-blues, so this was an instant favourite for me. The formula on this was also great - I experienced some patchiness on the second coat, but the third covered it up. It also went on very smooth and has a perfect consistency. 3 coats.

Girly Bits More Cowbell

Girly Bits More Cowbell

Girly Bits More Cowbell

Girly Bits More Cowbell

Well Isn't That Special is a purple linear holographic polish with subtle flakies. Whereas Bird is the Word (Family Guy collection) is more of a warm-toned purple, this is more of a cool-toned purple. The flakies are noticeable and make this unique in my books. The holo effect I would say is more of a medium holo - not as strong as the other two in this part. Application was excellent and I had no issues with this. 3 coats.

Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special

Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special

Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special

Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special

I know I've said this before, but the Fall Season Premiere collection is one of my favourite collections so far from Girly Bits. I just feel like there are so many great polishes, and something to fit different tastes and moods. Also there really wasn't a polish that I had issues with in terms of application, and that is always great to experience.

What do you think of these? You already know my favourite is More Cowbell, but what's yours?

Girly Bits polishes are available from their website, there you'll also find a list of distributors for other places to buy Girly Bits. Follow Girly Bits Cosmetics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and new releases.

*Products in this post provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more detail.*

28 September 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Three, Inspired By A Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Hi everyone! It looks like both Lindsey and I are late again on this challenge. Suffice it to say that our posting schedule is now Tuesday or Wednesday and Friday or Saturday. I feel like we've come so far on this challenge that I'm actually starting to feel sad that it will soon be over - then I realize we have another month because of our two day a week schedule!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspired nail art

About this design: I had two criteria for the movie for today's challenge: first, it had to be something that I could easily translate to nail art. Many movies have amazing imagery and effects, but much of it is too difficult to make into nail art. And second, it had to be available on Netflix, because I actually wanted to see the movie while I was doing my nails.

I had seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind several years ago, and for some reason it popped into my mind. If you are familiar with the movie, then you will know I took the design from the cover image. My thumb nail is an abstract representation of Clementine's hair, which changes colours throughout the movie, from green, to red, to orange, to blue. It's a bit disjointed from the rest of the design, but I felt it needed something else.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspired nail art

To get this look: I started with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Using a tiny piece of makeup sponge I dabbed on a mixture of blues and greys until I had a nice background that went from dark to light. For that step I used Misa Blueberry Blast (pale blue), Girly Bits Elephant Shoe (grey creme), My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white), and Essie Smooth Sailing (mid-value greyish blue). My index and pinky fingers were topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Thumb design inspired by Clementine's hair

I painted the ice break with white polish and Smooth Sailing to define it. The figures were painted freehand with black polish thinned with nail polish thinner. For the colours on the thumb I used Nubar Resort Yellow, Forbidden Fruit (orange), On The Radar (red), My New Obsession, and Into the Wild (green). The yellow and orange I mixed together to make a brighter orange, the other colours I used straight.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspired nail art

Overall, I like how it turned out, despite the more literal representation. However, if I were to do it again, I'd take out the figures and make it much more abstract dealing with the idea of fractured memories. After watching the film again, that was one of the themes that really stood out for me.

What do you think of this? How would you do the "inspired by a movie" prompt?


21 September 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-One, Inspired by a Colour: Dusk Blue Skittlette

Hi everyone! Today's challenge is one that somewhat alludes me...what does it mean to be inspired by a colour? And how do you represent that in nail art? Is it simply a matter of using that colour, or do you represent it through imagery? I suppose it's meant to be open to interpretation, or at least I hope so.

Dusk Blue Skittlette

About this design: For my colour, I chose "dusk blue", or a slightly greyed baby blue. It's the colour that is used on my blog, for example the social media icons and tagline. I decided to do a rather simple skittlette incorporating the colour and other complementary polishes. I don't have a polish that exactly matches this dusk blue, but OPI You're Such A BudaPest Can't Find My Czechbook (!) is a pretty close match.

Dusk Blue Skittlette

Dusk Blue Skittlette

To get this look: I started with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls because I liked the idea of starting with a blank white page. My thumb, index and pinky fingers have a gradient using You're Such a BudaPest Can't Find My Czechbook and Girly Bits Elephant Shoe. Elephant Shoe and You're Such a BudaPest Can't Find My Czechbook were used for the short lines on my middle finger. My ring finger is a gradient with China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around and Enchanted Polish Ballerina Sprinkles, topped with Girly Bits OVbunEN. The studs are from The Nailasaurus Emporium.

Dusk Blue Skittlette

It's not complex or detailed, but I much like this. Most likely it's the colours - I really love the blue-grey-pastel combination. Unfortunately I had some swatching to do today, or I would have left this on for longer.

What do you think of this? How would you interpret the prompt "inspired by a colour"?


29 July 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: Art Deco Stained Glass Nails + Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to be participating in this year's piCture pOlish Blog Fest!! I'm sure you have already seen other posts today, but basically Blog Fest is where a bunch of nail polish bloggers (over 130!) around the world put together a post featuring polishes from the Australian brand piCture pOlish. The event is organized by piCture pOlish and they provided the polishes and the instructions. I've seen piCture pOlish Blog Fest posts from previous years by bloggers much more established than me, so I'm extremely honoured to have been chosen for this.

The theme for this year's Blog Fest is "Year of the Blogger", and it's about celebrating what bloggers do. We were instructed to make our most amazing nail art ever and to create a step-by-step tutorial of our design. Even though it seems like a lot of pressure, for me it was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself and to create a design that would push my abilities.

About This Design

I was given three polishes from the Metallic Shades collection: Bombshell (a vibrant blue metallic with shimmer), Goddess (a copper metallic), and Metallic Mush (a pale gold metallic foil). I've been wanting to do intricate stained glass nails for some time now, and these three polishes really suggested the Art Deco era. Art Deco design was influenced by the machine age, and it's known for it's streamlined aesthetic and geometric patterns and shapes. The designs on each nail were taken from Art Deco stained glass designs that I found online. My thumb is a duplicate for my middle finger.

Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do stained glass nails. While this design took quite some time, six hours in fact (yikes!), you can use these instructions to do simplified stained glass nails.

Art Deco Stained Glass Tutorial

Here's what you'll need:
  • black nail polish
  • a detail nail art brush
  • various coloured polishes to fill in the design - shimmery polishes look best for that stained-glass look
  • nail polish thinner
  • lots of patience!

Step #1

Step #1: Apply base coat and let dry. Using black polish thinned with nail polish thinner, draw your outlines on your nails. At this point, use a very light touch and go slowly, but don't worry if you make a mistake, you can fix those later.
Optional: Apply a base colour - perhaps white or nude, but nothing too dark - after your base coat. If your coloured polishes are very sheer or you're worried you won't be able to cover the whole nail, having a base colour will help hide those imperfections.

Step #2

Step #2: Reinforce your lines by going over them a second time. You want to make them darker but also you can fix any mistakes made in Step #1. You don't want your lines to be too light or it will be hard to see them when you apply your colours.
Tip: Use a bit of nail polish remover and a detail brush to "erase" any mistakes made. You're going to be covering over any mistakes with the coloured polishes so you don't necessarily need to do this, however, if having an incorrect line is going to mess you up in future steps, it might be good to try and take it out.

Step #3

Step #3: Start filling in the shapes with your coloured polishes. I started with Metallic Mush and filled in all the intended spaces on each nail before moving to the next colour. However, you can complete each nail before moving on to the next.
Reminder: Since you will be moving your hand around a lot to get into small spaces, be careful not to smudge the work that you have done on your other nails! I'm talking from experience here. :)

Step #4

Step #4: Fill in all the shapes with your colours, making sure to paint up to the cuticle (leave a tiny gap!) and on the edges of your nail. You will probably need two coats for good coverage.

Step #5

Step #5: Go over the black lines again, the same as you did in Step #2. Fix any mistakes with touch-ups.

Step #6

Step #6: Clean up your edges with a fine eyeliner brush dipped in acetone. Seal with top coat and you're done! I used KBShimmer Clearly On Top, I love it because it doesn't smear your nail art!

Tips and Tricks:

Tip #1: When doing any complex or intricate nail art, make sure to do a sketch first, preferably with some of the polishes you'll be using. Here's a look at my sketches along with my mock-up of the final design. I played around with the designs I wanted on each nail. When that was settled I drew my final design and filled it in with the colours I intended to use. This acted as my blueprint when I was working on my nails.

Nail art brushes: liner brush (top) and detail brush (bottom)

Tip #2: When doing fine lines like this, use nail polish thinner to make the polish more fluid. This will also prevent it from drying out right away. Also, work very slowly. I find it helps to paint a very light line - using more thinner - then go over it again to darken the line - using less thinner - rather than trying to do the line all in one go.

Tip #3: For painting straight lines, I find that it works best to pull the brush towards me. Also, I tend to move my hand around and try painting at different angles in order to get the best angle and brush direction for the line I'm trying to make.

I hope these instructions were helpful. I went into a lot of detail because I wanted to cover as much as possible. Unless you are working with a very intricate design, or wanting to get very fine lines, stained glass nails are not very hard to do.

The piCture pOlish Blog Fest Awards

This year there will also be Blog Fest Awards. Here's the details from piCture pOlish:

There is 3 (only) awards that will be voted and chosen as follows via our special Pinterest Blog Fest 2013 board:
  • 1 x Award - as voted by PP friends and fans
  • 1 x Award - as voted by all (you) participants of Blog Fest 2013
  • 1 x Award - as voted by Jules & Megs of piCture pOlish
The winners will get to work with piCture pOlish to make a collaboration shade, so it would be very awesome if you took the time to vote. It doesn't have to be for me, but if you do want to throw your vote my way, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

I believe the special Pinterest Board is HERE. If that changes, I'll update this post.

Voting is on the piCture pOlish website, there you will also find a link to the Pinterest board. Link is HERE.

About piCture pOlish

You can follow piCture pOlish through the following links:


For ordering from piCture pOlish check out their Shipping, Network and Everyday Deals pages.

What do you think of this design? Have you been checking out other designs for piCture pOlish Blog Fest?

*Polishes were provided by piCture pOlish for Blog Fest. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

Contrary Polish Color Context Collection, Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! When it comes to indie polishes, I have a special place in my heart for Contrary Polish. I love that Carrie, the maker, focuses on cremes with gorgeous shimmers. While many other indie creators are making glitter bombs, holos, thermals, and neons, Contrary Polish has focused on a type of polish that is often overlooked - that's changing of course, but you get the picture I hope.

When I saw this current collection, I made sure to get it as soon as it became available. It's not too often that I do that! I was really attracted to the vibrant and rich colours, and swatching them only confirmed how awesome they are. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Contrary Polish Color Context Collection

About the collection: The Color Context collection is a trio of polishes that are cremes with vibrant shimmers. They play off the idea of simple colour theory: red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, and blue + yellow = green. It's possible to place two colours next to each other so that they are optically mixed by the eye. That was the whole idea behind the art movement Pointillism and the work of artists like Seurat. So basically, the shimmer "optically mixes" with the base colour to change the overall colour of the polish. I'm not sure if I needed to explain all that but I've read other reviews that say this idea is "complicated", but it's not really. Just read on...

Contrary Polish Color Context Collection

Blood Orange has a vibrant red base - a red that leans towards magenta - as well as a gold-orange shimmer. The overall look of the polish is a vivid burnt orange. The shimmer in this one is gorgeous, it has that "lit from within" look when the light catches it. Also, the shimmer really does change the overall look of the polish - it's quite neat actually.

Contrary Polish Blood Orange

Contrary Polish Blood Orange

Contrary Polish Blood Orange (direct light)

Greenhouse is hands down my favourite of the collection. It has a teal blue base with a gold shimmer - the overall look of the polish is a beautiful green, almost an emerald green. It's stunning because you can see the blue base peaking out, especially around the edges. Like Blood Orange it has that "lit from within" look and it just glows when the light hits it - swoon! :)

Contrary Polish Greenhouse

Contrary Polish Greenhouse

Contrary Polish Greenhouse (direct light)

This polish is so gorgeous it deserves and extra picture... :)

Contrary Polish Greenhouse (direct light)

Indigo Rose is a dark blue indigo base with a pink/purple shimmer. Overall, it has a bit of a purple look to it, however, the colour change on this one is not as noticeable as the others. It's still a gorgeous colour and gorgeous shimmer, I just think the shimmer is more vibrant with the other two.

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose

Contrary Polish Indigo Rose (direct light)

About the formula: The formula is the exact same on all three. I used two coats plus top coat for all swatches. I found the formula on these to be a tad thick, but still manageable. I did a thin first coat, and a thicker second coat and that seemed to work out well. But overall they level well and I didn't have any issues with streaking or patches.

What do you think of this collection? Have you tried Contrary Polish?

I bought these from Llarowe, but check the Contrary Polish blog for links to other retailers.
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