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16 September 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0: Day Five, Black and White

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that the Digit-al Dozen giveaway is still going on! There's tons of prizes and it's open internationally!!

Kelli, Lindsey and I are continuing with the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0. I felt immense pressure to do something spectacular for today. Last year I did what was one of my most favourite designs. I love it so much that it made my list of top nail art designs for 2013, and I still use it for my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Black and white intricate abstract nail art
Black and white intricate abstract nail art

09 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 2, Pastels: Essie Spring Geometric

Hi everyone! Before I get into today's post, I want to let you know about a feature I did over at the Digit-al Dozen blog. I don't really talk much about my life here, but if you're interested in reading more about me and why I started this blog, maybe you'll want to check it out! There's also a rare selfie - gasp!

Essie Spring 2014 Geometric Abstract

So day two into the Neverending Pile Challenge, and I'm still going strong! Today's theme was pastels, so I decided to turn to some recent untrieds - the Essie Spring 2014 collection.

15 January 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Monochrome: Purple Pattern

Hi everyone! I have my second nail art design for this week's Digit-al Dozen challenge. When I set out to do my manis, of course I first went for the blue polish. But once that was out of the way, I set my sights on my next favourite colour...purple!

Purple pattern

I had two goals with this design, practice some abstract patterning, and use one of my untried Lynnderellas. I think I succeeded with both. ;)

03 August 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Seven, Black and White: Obsessive Abstraction

Hi everyone! Happy International Nail Art Day! I meant to post these earlier, but this design may have *ahem* taken a bit longer than expected. But what better way to celebrate the first INAD than with some extremely detailed nail art!

About this design: I wish I could take credit for this design but unfortunately I can't. The inspiration came from this image I found on Tumblr. I really don't know much about the designer, I guess filling out the "About" page on your blog is too old fashioned; however, you can find more designs by this person on a website called Society6.

When I saw this design, I knew instantly I wanted to try to recreate it for the 31 Day Challenge. And despite the fact that it took forever and a day to complete, sometimes when you have your heart set on something you just have to run with it.

To get this look: I used my go-to black and white for this design: Orly Liquid Vinyl and Sally Hansen White On. The brush is a detailed liner brush - the hairs are longer than a normal detail brush. While I normally go over a line lightly and then go over it a second time, this time I only did the lines once except for some parts where I had to do them twice. I finished with a thick coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top then Essie Matte About You.

You don't need to see a giant thumb, do you?

The thing I love about the original design is that, while it is precise and detailed, it is not mechanical. It looks like a drawing - lines are not straight and there are variations that give it character. In my nail art design, even though you can see the brushstrokes and mistakes, I don't mind them so much here. Of course if I inspect it very closely, I can see all the imperfections, but if I move back and take it all in, the effect of the design is just amazing. I love the detail and the almost obsessive compulsiveness of the design.

I've rambled on quite a bit about this design, but obviously I'm very proud of it! What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments below. :)

10 February 2013

Born Pretty Store Review and a Skittle Manicure

Happy Sunday everyone! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daisy from the Born Pretty Store asking if I would be interested in reviewing a product from them. After a bit of back and forth I finally settled on a set of twelve different studs. Since I'm new to using studs, and I figured some of my readers might be as well, I'll also talk a bit about applying them and what worked for me. :)

Skittle manicure with studs

But first a bit about this design! I've had a few ideas floating around in my head, which is a perfect opportunity for a skittle mani! I used Orly Liquid Vinyl as the black base for all nails. On my index finger I used a small 2mm gold stud and did a simple damask design with Stripe Rite polish in Gold. On my middle finger I did a stained glass heart. This one was a bit tricky and I didn't completely master it, but basically I used a striping brush to draw the outline of the heart and the lines inside the heart. Next, I filled in the rest of the nail using Liquid Vinyl and a smaller brush to get in the tight areas. Finally I filled in the heart with OPI A Butterfly Moment, You Only Live Twice, and Anti-Bleak. Then I finished with Stripe Rite in Black for the black lines in the heart.

Skittle manicure with studs

For the ring finger I used gold 3mm studs. And finally, for the pinky I used a small 2mm stud and Stripe Rite polish in Gold for the lines. The design on my pinky was inspired by a design that I've seen Chelsea King (of Chelsea's Get Nailed) use several times. You can see an example here.

Skittle manicure with studs

Skittle manicure with studs

About the kit: This set of studs would be perfect for someone who is new to using studs (like me) or someone who wants a bit more variety. It contains twelve different shapes and sizes, but all studs are either small or medium in size, there are no large studs. The kit contains 1, 2 and 3mm gold circles; 2 and 3mm gold squares; 3mm silver squares; 2mm black circles; gold hearts; silver stars; gold tear drops; and finally gold and silver rings. The amount of studs it contains varies by the size - for the 1mm circles there appears to be 40-50, while there is approximately two dozen of the larger 3mm squares. According to the website, there's about 300 pieces in total. I love this kit because it allows me to try different shapes and sizes, then I can go and buy larger amounts of the ones I use the most.

Born Pretty Store Stud Rhinestones (with OPI bottle for size comparison)

Using studs: There are not too many ways to stick these little suckers on, but here's the technique I used. I started by dabbing a small dot of base coat where I wanted to put the stud. I read you should use nail glue, but I don't have that and wanted to use what I had on hand. I used a pair of tweezers to pick up the stud and place in the right spot. And I found that an orange stick was perfect for moving it in the right position and (gently) pressing it into the base coat so it sticks. I finished with a good coat of Seche Vite to seal them in. I've been wearing them for a day and they're still firmly attached.

Born Pretty Store Stud Rhinestones

Whew! I think that's everything, but if I missed anything ask me in the comments. Sorry this such a long post, but I want to get it all in.

Again, you can find this particular stud set here. This kit is available at the Born Pretty Store, and if you've never ordered from them, they offer a great selection of nail art supplies at a very affordable price. They also offer free worldwide shipping with no minimum. So check them out! And don't forget to use my coupon code MSL91 for 10% off your order. :)

*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*
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