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30 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 11: Envy

Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you who entered my contest, I was short of time tonight but I'll select the winner tomorrow. Also you may or may not know that I hit 500 Facebook likes a while back, and as promised I'll be having a giveaway for that and adding a second prize. Woot woot!! I've already put together some stuff, and I'm going to Buffalo to go polish shopping on Saturday, so I'm hoping to find a few more things there. :)

I really like the challenges for this week. After today, I only have three more days left to go and I'm already wishing that it wasn't going to end. The prompt for Day 11 is as follows:

"Who would you like to be? Let us know by recreating another challenger's work."

glitter + pastel gradient nail art

Well I want to be Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All! I've always liked her work, and she was one of the first nail artist/bloggers I knew about. She definitely has her own style and I really admire that.

Alice did these gradient nails topped with black and white glitter for Sloth week. You can see her nails on her blog (link), and she also has a video tutorial (link). I wish I could say mine were as easy to do as hers, but I guess I need more practice.

glitter + pastel gradient nail art

glitter + pastel gradient nail art

I did my gradient using the entire Models Own Ice Cream Sundae collection (on a side note, I've swatched these and hope to show them on the blog soon, even though it is an older collection). For the gradient, I painted my base colour, then sponged the tips with the second colour, trying to create a nice gradient. It doesn't have to be perfect, the glitter hides the imperfections. I then topped it with a coat of China Glaze Glitz 'n Pieces.

glitter + pastel gradient nail art

I'm in love with this design. When I was doing the gradient, I really wasn't sure about these nails, but once I added the glitter, it was instant awesomeness!! Now I must do more gradients with glitter. ;)

What do you think of this design?

25 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 9: Wrath

Hi everyone! How was your day? I was supposed to work on my dissertation today, but I felt so tired that I didn't get much done. I probably should work on it over the weekend, but I also have a bunch of stuff I want to swatch and review for the blog. Blogger problems I know. ;)

But I finally got a chance to start on this week's challenges. The prompt for today is as follows: "Get mad trying, again, that technique you know it's going to be a fail." Well the only technique I've really failed at is the sugar spun mani, and I have no desire to revisit that again any time soon. So I decided to do a water marble. I haven't done one since the Advent Calendar challenge I did back in December. But a water marble is one of those techniques that can go horribly wrong, so I thought it would be appropriate here.

"Water spotted" water marble manicure

"Water spotted" water marble manicure

There are some people who can do very perfect water marbles. Corynn Musser, aka @mucking_fusser on Instagram, immediately comes to mind and her work is so beautiful. But while I appreciate the skill, intricacy and talent that goes into these perfect water marbles, I'm more interested the chaotic, disruptive, unpredictable aspects of the technique. So when people started doing the so-called "water spotted" technique, I knew that was right up my alley.

"Water spotted" water marble manicure

To make this even "wrathier" I used red and black. My base is my beloved OPI My Vampire is Buff, the red is Colorama Deixa Beijar from their Cremoso line, and the black is Orly Liquid Vinyl. Basically I dropped the red and black in the water and moved it around with a toothpick as if I was doing a water marble. Then I sprayed hairspray into it, which caused it to break apart and spread. The black didn't really want to break apart, but the red was perfect for this technique. I assume that it's the different brands that account for this.

"Water spotted" water marble manicure

"Water spotted" water marble manicure

I know that there are imperfections in this, a few places where there were bubbles, that sort of thing. But overall, I really love how this turned out. I enjoy looking at how the polish spread and moved in the water, and each nail is so different and unique. I plan to explore more with this technique.

What do you think of this? Have you tried the water spotted method?

20 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 7: Sloth

Hi everyone! Another blogging milestone today ... I made my first video tutorial! But more on that in a bit.

So the theme for today's challenge was as follows: "Don't try too hard but explain to everyone how to do something really easy... (tutorial)"  I've been putting off doing tutorials since I started this blog several months ago. So this prompt was exactly what I needed to take that leap.

I've been asked several times how I do glitter gradients, so that was the topic of my video tutorial. I'll let the video do the talking (literally haha!).

Glitter gradient manicure with Shimmer Polish Sarah

If you're not watching the video, I used Sinful Colors Sugar Rush as my base colour, and Shimmer Polish Sarah as my glitter. Sarah is a gorgeous glitter polish, my photos or video do not do it justice. As with all polishes from Shimmer Polish you really need to look at it in the sunlight to appreciate the full effect. I think next time I review one of these, I will try to do some sunlight photos. :)

Glitter gradient manicure with Shimmer Polish Sarah

Sarah has a slight blue-tinted base, and a beautiful mixture of teal, purple, and green glitter. There are also blue hexes that are slightly larger than the other glitter, but still small in size. There are also hints of gold glitter in the mixture. Like the Shimmer Polish I reviewed previously, this one also is mainly comprised of tiny sized glitter. It's a perfect polish for a gradient.

Glitter gradient manicure with Shimmer Polish Sarah

I tried to embed the video, but it didn't work, so the link can be found HERE. If you do watch the video, I'd really appreciate any constructive feedback you may have. A word of warning though, I tend to say "umm..." and "sooo..." a lot. You've been warned! ;)

Thanks for reading and watching!

*Shimmer Polish provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

16 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 8: Sloth

Hi everyone! So with this post I've officially completed half of the Seven Deadly Sins challenge, yeah!! I haven't completed Day 7 yet, but that one involves putting together a tutorial so I'm going to tackle it on the weekend when I have more time.

The prompt for Day 8 is as follows: "(Only if you want) Create a manicure inspired by your laziness... or whatever... I'm so tired..." This is right up my alley! Lol!

Simple stripes and studs nail art

As I told you in my blogging goals last week, I wanted to do a no-buy for a week. Well I finished that, so I went out today and bought polish to celebrate!! :D And I got my first OPI Liquid Sand polishes - Tiffany Case and Solitaire from the Bond Girls collection. I couldn't wait to try them out so I did some simple nail art with the two.

Simple stripes and studs nail art

I can't take credit for this design, I got it from Chicago-based nail artist AstroWifey, she posted a similar design on her Instagram several days ago calling it a "SUPER easy and lightening fast nail art look." Her design used a nude and a pale yellow polish, but I thought it would work well with my two new Liquid Sand polishes. And I love how this turned out!

Simple stripes and studs nail art

In terms of how-to, it's very simple. Paint your nails with your base colour. When it's dry, paint a stripe with your second polish. Don't go all the way down to your cuticles, just go slightly past mid-point. You don't need to use a special nail art brush, just use the brush that comes with the polish. Add a small stud as an accent, and done!

Simple stripes and studs nail art

I used two coats of Solitaire, and it applied like a dream. Tiffany Case is almost a one-coater, so I only needed one stroke to get a perfect stripe. I did end up using top coat on this design, only to keep the studs on. And while I lost some of the texture, it still has the appearance of texture if that makes sense.

What do you think of this design? Have you tried any of the Liquid Sand polishes?

13 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 6: Greed ... And a Born Pretty Store Review'

Hi everyone! I will have to keep this short, this design took longer than expected and I need to be up early for work tomorrow. If there's anything that's not clear, please feel free to leave a comment, message me on Facebook, email, etc.

The prompt for today's challenge is as follows: "Remember, more is more...don't hold yourself back." 

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use some nail art foils sent to me from the Born Pretty Store. I'll talk a bit about this design, then go into how to use the foils and some challenges I had.

Nail art foil and stud manicure

About this design: I started with a base of Orly Liquid Vinyl, a jet black, then applied the nail foils (more on that below). On top of the foil I used some studs that I also got from the Born Pretty Store (reviewed here), and I did some freehand designs with Essie Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk, both from the Mirror Metallics collection.

Nail art foil and stud manicure

About nail art foils: The instructions on these seem pretty simple. You start by applying your base polish, then wait for it to dry, but you don't want it to be too dry. It should be slightly tacky to the touch, so that you can gently press a fingerprint into your nail.

The nail art foils have a front and a back. The front is the design you want on your nails, the back is a plain metallic colour. You place the foil so that the front is facing up (not what you'd expect!). Press gently and rub on the foil to transfer, then lift up. If all goes well you should have the print transferred onto the nail.

Nail art foil and stud manicure

The good, the bad, and the ugly: I really love the look of these nail art foils, and I totally plan to get more and experiment with them. I know for some people it is important that they transfer perfectly, but I much prefer when they transfer in an irregular manner if that makes sense - when bits and pieces come off on the nail.

Having said that, they require some patience and trial and error. If your nail polish is not dry enough you can easily take off your nail polish. And of course if it's too dry, nothing will happen. I think the polish I used as a base was not the best choice - it seems thick and slow drying, a bad combination here. I had to redo so many nails because I took off polish. I also ended up with a lot of wrinkles. If that's not your thing, it will take even more practice to get the hang of these.

Nail art foil and stud manicure

If you love the look of nail art foils then I think the effort will be worth it. For me it's something that I want to do more of, so I might just get a few colours and take an afternoon to experiment. There is also apparently a special glue for nail art foils, but I haven't had the chance to try that.

The link to the nail art foils can be found here. I used #23, which is fuchsia, purple and aqua. And don't forget to use my coupon MSL91 for 10% off anything at the Born Pretty Store. They offer free world-wide shipping with no minimum.

What do you think of this design? Have you tried nail art foils, and if so, what was your experience?

*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

08 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 5: Greed

Hi everyone! I'm still standing when it comes to this challenge, sort of! ;) Yesterday was a big day blogging wise, so I decided to take it easy for today's challenge. Here's the prompt for day five: "Go wild and use your most expensive and precious polish."

Simple damask design nail art

For today's challenge I went with a base of Dior Diva 901 from the Grand Bal 2012 Holiday collection. It's not my most expensive polish, but it's one of my more precious polishes. I'll be the first to admit that I bought this for the packaging and the luxurious look of the product.

Dior Diva 901
Dior Diva 901

Diva is a warm-toned black with a micro-shimmer that appears to have a slight olive and rose tint - it's a very unique combination. I needed three coats for full coverage. Formula-wise it went on fairly smooth, although it had a bit of a gritty texture - perhaps because of the shimmer? Unfortunately, the shimmer that is so prominent and enticing in the bottle gets lost on the nails. I wouldn't say it's my favourite black, but it holds a special place in my collection for that gorgeous bottle!

On top I did some freehand simple damask patterns using Chanel Diwali. Again, not my most expensive polish, but definitely one of my most precious - it was a birthday gift from my mother and step-father (thanks guys!). Poor them, little do they know that I've already started compiling my birthday wish-list for this year, and I'm a December baby! Lol! :P

Simple damask design nail art

Simple damask design nail art

I really love Diwali, and I should probably show a swatch of this sometime. It's a beautiful, shimmery gold with great coverage. I love that, for a gold, it's not very yellow in tone. Unfortunately both Diva and Diwali were limited edition and no longer available, so eBay would be your best bet for finding these.

Now that I've rambled on plenty, I will wrap up this blog post. I didn't use my most expensive polish, and I don't know if I went wild with this design, but somehow I think I fulfilled today's challenge.

What do you think of today's design? How would you take on the theme of greed? :)

03 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 4: Gluttony

Hi everyone! I'm back with another day of gluttony! Ummm... that doesn't sound right... okay moving on. ;)

The theme for today was as follows: "Skip your diet and paint something that makes your stomach growl!!" Well I can empathize with this one. I skip my diet frequently, so frequently I forget what the diet was to begin with. And because I take my nail art seriously, I made sure to have some candy and soda while I was working on this one. :P

Gluttony nail art (inspired by Wayne Thiebaud)

For inspiration I turned to the work of California artist Wayne Thiebaud, who is known for his paintings of cakes, pastries, candy and ice cream. In these works, his subject is often placed against a plain white/off-white background, and they are painted in bold colours, and often with dramatic shadows.

Gluttony nail art (inspired by Wayne Thiebaud)

For my background I started with OPI My Vampire is Buff, and the outlines were done with OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? Then I painted everything white, maintaining the outline, before adding colour on top of that. For the sweets, I used several colours sometimes mixing colours to get the right shade. Basically, I used a few polishes from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection, Models Own Nude Beige as my neutral, and Joe Fresh Cherry as my red accent.

Gluttony nail art (inspired by Wayne Thiebaud)

I like how this design turned out. It doesn't look exactly like Wayne Thiebaud's work, but that wasn't the point. My favourite nail is the ice cream soda on my index finger. I'd love to have an ice cream soda right now! *drool* :D

What do you think of this? Do you ever turn to works of art for inspiration?

01 May 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 3: Gluttony

Hi everyone! I'm back with another design for the Seven Deadly Sins challenge that I'm doing. The theme for this week is gluttony, and the prompt for today is as follows: "Delight yourself with a sugar spun inspired manicure."

I've been dreading this day since I started the challenge. I've never done a sugar spun mani before and I don't particularly care for them either. But I made up my mind that I would at least try it. But I think my negative thoughts turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy and I'm not very happy with how this turned out.

Sugar spun / abstract manicure (with top coat)

I used a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff, and all colours come from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection, which I was able to get thanks to a dear friend (thanks Joy!). I started off with a watercolour mani. The pinky and index fingers are inspired by Kasey at Case by Kase Nails. I really like these nails, but wish my lines were more precise.

Sugar spun / abstract manicure (without top coat)

However, I messed up with the sugar spun part. I had just started stringing the nail polish across my nails when I deposited a big blob of nail polish in the middle of my finger. So I decided to scratch through the polish to make a bit of an abstract design, but keep some of the sugar spun part. If I think of these as "abstract nails" I kinda like them, but if I think of them as "sugar spun nails" I just want to cringe. But oh well, it's a challenge which means not everything will turn out.

Have you ever tried a sugar spun manicure? What do you think of the technique?

29 April 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 2: Lust

Hi everyone! It's very last minute but I was able to finish day two of the Seven Deadly Sins challenge. Since it's midnight and I still have a lot of work to do tonight, I'm going to keep this short.

The prompt for today was: "Let your body talk and feel free to do whatever you want." While this is very open ended, it still had to keep within the theme of lust. I had been doing some reading about the seven deadly sins (okay, just Wikipedia, whatevs) and I read that in Dante's Purgatorio the repentant sinner would walk amongst flames to rid himself of lustful feelings. Wow, talk about tough times. And of course flames themselves are also a symbol of lust and desire.

Blue flames nail design (seven deadly sins - lust)

I started with a base of Pahlish Heart of Man, which is fitting since this was released for Valentine's Day. It's a dark burgundy jelly packed with magenta and holo glitter. It's quite gorgeous and rich on it's own. I used three coats for full opacity and had no issues with the formula.

Pahlish Heart of Man

Pahlish Heart of Man

For the flames I started with a blue base. For the blues I used a combination of Nubar Dusk Till Dawn, OPI...Eurso Euro, and OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. Then I added the white using Sally Hansen White On. I wanted flames that weren't completely stylized, but I knew I couldn't paint very realistic flames, so that's why I left some streaking and brushstrokes when I painted them. The heart stud is from the Born Pretty Store.

Blue flames nail design (seven deadly sins - lust)

What do you think of these? What kind of design would you do for 'Lust'?

Thanks for reading! :)

24 April 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge, Day 1: Lust

Hi everyone! A quick announcement before I jump into today's post. My first giveaway has officially closed and I've emailed the winners. I'm still waiting to hear back from one, so if your name is Rachael J. make sure to check your email (and spam folder). I also wanted to thank everyone for all the support. And if you're disappointed about not winning, don't worry, I'm sure it won't be my last giveaway! ;)

Image courtesy of Dahlig at

About today's design - I'm participating in a challenge called the 'Seven Deadly Sins', which was put together by Alice of One Nail To Rule Them All, and Helena of Nail Wish. There's so many talented ladies participating so make sure to check the links at the bottom of this post. Every week has a different sin as the theme, with two challenges each week. I will be doing my best to complete both of them.

Lace and rhinestones nail art

The theme for this week is Lust, and today's challenge reads as follows: Day 1 - Be a bad girl and make something you have wanted to do soo badly.

Lace and rhinestones nail art

Lace and rhinestones nail art

Well I have wanted to do lace nails for awhile, and I have *really* been dying to do a glitter/rhinestone gradient, so combining the two seemed natural. It also was an opportunity to use some new rhinestones I picked up over the weekend. 

Lace and rhinestones nail art

I started with OPI My Vampire is Buff as my base, then did a coat of Pahlish Coney Island Queen. The lace was painted freehand with Cult Nails Fetish. On my accent nail I dabbed some Hare Own Your Opulence on the tips creating a gradient. Then I used my base coat to glue on the rhinestones. 

Lace and rhinestones nail art

I feel pretty good about this design. I'm very happy with the lace on my middle finger, but I wish my index and pinky fingers turned out better. The rhinestones will take some getting used to. Overall though, I like how this is in keeping with the 'Lust' theme. 

What do you think of this? 
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