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26 March 2013

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! As promised I have the third polish from Lumina Lacquer. Make sure to check out my review of the other two here. Mint Chocolate Chip instantly stood out to me when I opened my package from Tatiana, the maker of Lumina Lacquer, and I knew that I had to do something special with this one. So in addition to swatches, you get some nail art as well! :)

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip is a clear-based glitter bomb like the other polishes that I reviewed. And this one has the same beauty and complexity that you see in Anything and Spring in Iceland. The colour scheme is predominantly pale mint and dark brown, and there's glitter in so many shapes and sizes - hearts, stars, flowers, squares, hexes, and circles. In addition to the pale mint and brown glitter, there's also some white, copper, blue, iridescent, and tiny holo glitter to boot. I can't even fully describe everything here!

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip (direct lighting)

I layered one coat over OPI My Vampire is Buff and had no problems getting enough glitter. I also found it easy to get the larger shape glitters out. Just give it a good shake before applying - no need to turn the bottle upside down or anything like that. I topped it with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip + funky abstract design

Then I decided to do some freehand painting on the two middle fingers. I started with a base of My Vampire is Buff. On my ring finger I painted the details with OPI You Don't Know Jacques! and Joe Fresh Lagoon. On my middle finger I did a sponged gradient with My Vampire is Buff, Lagoon, and piCture pOlish Marine. Then the squares were painted with You Don't Know Jacques and My Vampire is Buff. Whew!

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip + funky abstract design

Lumina Lacquer Mint Chocolate Chip + funky abstract design

Lumina Lacquer is available through their online Bigcartel store, and soon through Norway Nails. This polish is currently sold out, but follow Lumina Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram (@luminalacquer) to find out about restocks and new releases.

What do you think? Have you tried Lumina Lacquer? Do you think my design goes with the glitter? :)

*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*

13 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 13: Snow!

Hi everyone! Sorry for my disappearance yesterday. I tried to do something for yesterday's challenge, which was family, but my idea didn't turn out so well. I feel torn as to whether I should show and blog about my mistakes, or whether I should only show stuff I feel 100% confident about. I may try to redo it, but for now, I'm moving on with the challenge.

Today's challenge deals with something that we have yet to see here in Toronto this winter...snow!! Despite the fact that we're less than two weeks away from Christmas, I have yet to see any snow, except maybe briefly one evening about a week ago. And since this is Canada, we have a bit of a reputation to uphold. ;)

Snowflake nails

I see a lot of snowflake manis that use white on pale blue backgrounds, but I decided to be a bit different and do silver on a darker blue background. I also knew that I wanted to layer several polishes in order to have a more complex snowflake mani.

Snowflake nails

Here's the polishes that I used:

Avon Stunning Cobalt
Girly Bits Long Winter's Nap
Joe Fresh Opal
It's So Easy Stripe Rite in Silver

Snowflake nails: (L-R) Girly Bits Long Winter's Nap, Stripe Rite in Silver (foil),
Joe Fresh Opal, Avon Stunning Cobalt

I started with two coats of Stunning Cobalt, a dark navy with a blue shimmer. I don't think the shimmer is really visible, so any dark navy blue would work. I then layered one coat of Long Winter's Nap. At this point I had a dark blue grey, with a nice mixture of silver and blue glitter. I sponged on a bit of Opal, which gives the nails a nice purple shimmer. It's really only visible when it catches the light, but it adds a nice touch. I finished by drawing on the snowflakes freehand using the Stripe Rite polish, but I used a small watercolour brush (size 5/0). I have a hard time trying to control the striping brush that comes with the polish, so that's why I like to use a small detail brush.

Snowflake nails

I really love how this turned out. There's a lot going on and it holds my interest. I find myself looking at the different pieces of glitter and how they interact with the shimmer and snowflakes. It makes me think of snowflakes in the night sky. What do you think? Have you done a snowflake mani this winter?

Snowflake nails

09 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 9: Pine

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. I spent the day learning to take pictures in the lightbox and working with my new camera. I think my pictures are starting to improve a bit, and that pleases me immensely.

At first I wasn't sure what to do for today's challenge. For me, pine conjures up the image of wood grain, not exactly the most holiday-like image (although I think the idea of doing wood grain nails would be cool...maybe someday). Pine trees though are an obvious choice, and the easiest, if you're a last minute type of gal (like myself).

Coniferous Trees nail art

I was inspired by some photos I took looking out the window on a train trip from Toronto to Kingston. It was about a year ago and I was going to a conference. While we have some green spaces in Toronto, there's not a lot of landscape in the city. On that train trip I loved looking at the coniferous trees, blurred by both the moving train and the falling snow.

Coniferous Trees nail art

I wanted to try and depict the trees realistically, well, as realistically as possible when using nail polish as a paint medium. And I wanted to capture the look of falling snow, the way it obscures everything in sight.

Here's the colours I used:

Avon Vintage Blue (my new go-to sky blue!)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Stripe Rite Black
Joe Fresh Evergreen
Essie Shine of the Times

Coniferous Trees nail art

First I painted my nails in Vintage Blue, a pale blue creme. Then using White On, I sponged it on each of the nails and painted a strip along the tip to look like ground. Using the Stripe Rite polish I drew in a very sketchy tree trunk and branches for each of the trees. I don't think it's visible, but I wanted to create a sort of skeleton or guide to help me when painting the trees. I did that next using Evergreen. I followed with some Shine of the Times, just to give the scene a bit of luminosity, the look of sunlight on white snow. I applied a very thin layer, not all over, just in select spots on the ground and the sky. I then sponged on a bit more White On, in the sky area but also over the trees to blur them a bit.

What do you think? Maybe not the greatest work of art, but it's pretty close to what I envisioned. And I like trying to work in different styles when it comes to nail art.

07 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 7: Ornaments

Hi everyone! Up until this point of the challenge I've been able to get away with a solid colour or very simple manis (i.e. glitter gradients, or layered glitter polish). It's not ideal, but I really am a newbie when it comes to nail art. In fact I just bought my first nail art brush set and dotting tools set for this challenge. But with the theme of ornaments for today, I knew it was no longer possible to put off trying my hand at some freehand nail art.

Holiday ornaments nail art

This is my first attempt at using nail art brushes, so please be gentle! Here's the list of polishes I used for this design:

Avon Vintage Blue
Joe Fresh Starry
Gosh Galaxy
Essie Penny Talk
China Glaze Man Hunt
Quo Old Hollywood
Illamasqua Viridian
Essence Black is Back
Girly Bits January Morning

Whew, that's a lot! I started by painting my base colour, Vintage Blue. Then I sponged on a light layer of Starry, to give the blue a subtle silver holo shimmer. Then I painted in the ornaments using Galaxy, Penny Talk, Man Hunt, Old Hollywood, and Viridian. I don't necessarily think these were the best colours, these were just the colours I had on hand that seemed appropriate for a holiday design. I then followed with Black is Back, drawing in the strings as well as the outline around each ornament. I used the same small detail brush for all the ornaments, as well as the black outline. I finished off with a light layer of January Morning, which added a very subtle shimmer to the whole design without obscuring the ornaments.

Holiday ornaments nail art

I think the biggest challenge I had was the black strings and outlines. It seemed like I either had too much or too little polish on my brush. It was also hard to get very fine detail, despite the fact that I was using my smallest brush. I wonder if a special striping polish might work better. I might also try to find some tutorials on freehand nail art, but if you know of any, please feel free to share.

04 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 4: Silver

Hi everyone! I'm keeping up as best as I can with the Advent Calendar challenge. Once again I was dealing with poor lighting, so I hope my photos aren't too off.

For this day of the challenge, I decided to do something a bit different than a straightforward colour or a glitter on top of a base colour. I've done a few glitter gradients and thought that would be the perfect technique for today. The glitter gradients I've done in the past have been with one glitter polish, however, I got the idea to use several different glitter polishes from Carissa, maker of Freakshow Polish whom I follow on Instagram (@mrs_cbaker). She does great manis, so you should check her out if you're on Instagram.

Glitter gradient using Rescue Beauty Lounge, Joe Fresh, Essie, and Fanchromatic Nails

For this glitter gradient, I started out with Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant, a beautiful dusty lavender polish. I hope to review this and my other new RBLs once I can get a better lighting setup. I then used three different silver glitter polishes for the gradient: Joe Fresh Starry, Fanchromatic Nails Broken Holo Theory, and Essie Set in Stones.

Glitter gradient

I started out with Joe Fresh Starry, a very fine silver glitter with a scattered holo. I used a make up sponge to dab on a fine layer on the first half to 3/4 of my nail. Then still using the makeup sponge I did the same with Broken Holo Theory, which has fine silver holo glitter, as well as silver holo shards. Then I finished with Set in Stones, just covering the tips, but also dragging some down in places to emphasize the gradient. For that one, I did use the sponge again, but I also did a bit of dabbing with the brush. I made sure in between layers to let them dry so I would not lift off previous layers.

Glitter gradient

I really like this mani, especially the mixture of different types of silver glitter--fine holo, shards, non-holo silver hexes. I think it's very festive and shimmery. Maybe a bit too festive for my drawing class tonight, but oh well!

Glitter gradient

So what do you think of this? I think my next step might be to try colour gradients, but they seem very challenging.
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