I am a 30-something PhD student living in Canada. I recently became obsessed with nail polish and I started this blog to catalogue and archive (yes, I’m a nerd!) my small but quickly growing nail polish collection. I’ve also started doing some nail art and wanted to document the different things that I’ve done. So this blog is a mixture of both swatches from my polish collection and nail art. I try to maintain a balance between the two, but when I get busy I don't have as much time to do nail art.
I originally started this blog on Tumblr in late August 2012, but soon found that my posts were getting longer and I was outgrowing the microblogging platform. I realized that I loved to not only show off pictures of my nail polish collection, but I also loved to write about nail polish. So if you are reading this blog and this "about" page, welcome! Please feel free to leave a comment, even if to say hi. 
But first a few things... All nail polishes shown and discussed on this blog are bought by me and I provide my honest opinion without bias. Information regarding price and availability is provided so that my readers may be able to purchase nail polishes that they see on this blog; I am not receiving compensation for such recommendations. Any affiliate links or products provided for review will be disclosed. 
Unless otherwise noted, all stuff posted on this blog is my own work. Share, reblog, or pin if you like, but please make sure to give me credit, preferably by linking back to my blog if possible, and don’t remove my blog name from my photos. Please and thanks!
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  1. Of course..Hi! :) I am exploring your blog for first time thanks to elena eck, and i am already subscribed. I hope we'll have the chance to share, and you are of course welcome in my tiny blog too. Keep this up, you're doing great! :)

  2. Hey! I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award as I'm always inspired by your work! (: More information is on my blog..hope you'll accept! ♥


  3. Hey,

    I just came across your blog today- I could be here a few hours!! So much beautiful stuff.
    I wonder why there are so many PhD student nail art bloggers/lovers? I seem to come across them a lot (including myself! haha).
    I guess we need a good way to de-stress :)

    Anyway, I'm absolutely loving your blog and am excited to see what you come up with in the future.

    Chandelle xx

  4. Oh what a fun blog! I love your nail art! I especially love the silent night Christmas nails you did last year! Holy crap! Those were awesome?

  5. Hi!
    Been reading your blog for a while now, but I realized, I never said hi! Atrocious!
    Hi : )

  6. I just came across your blog and I love it! I especially love the actual design of your blog; it's so beautiful! I'm so excited to have found Will Paint Nails For Food! (Ugh, so many exclamation marks, sorry.) Thanks for putting so much work into your posts :)

  7. Hi! I came across your blog while looking for swatches on china glaze. I bought 3 colours and was a little surprised on how to use them :) So thanks for the info!. I do have a question, I bought China Glaze hoping it would keep longer than the other brands (essie, essence, OPI) but I have my first chips not even 12 hours after putting it on (which was last night). Do you have a tip for me? I'm getting a bit depressed and don't want to take of my nailart every second day. I use a basecoat, always, and a top coat........looking forward to your reply :)

    1. Hi Jessica - I wish I knew the secrets to preventing chipping but I'm just as mystified as you. Most of the time I can get a few days from a manicure, but other times I get chips right away. Some polishes work better depending on your body chemistry so find a brand that works for you (for me, A England chips easily while OPI seems to be fine). Also try using a base coat like CND Stickey or Orly Bonder. And make sure you're painting with thin coats of polish and letting them dry between coats. Sometimes things go wonky when you use thicker coats.

    2. Hi Meghan, thanks for your thoughts...........I think I will try the base coats you proposed. I'll start with the CND :). going on internet hunt right now.

      I always try to use thin coats but not every polish is workable in a thin coat. Plus i'm not that experienced yet :). I've only really been experimenting the last 5 months or so. before that I just put on a colour 3 times a year (and I had acryllic nails for 6 years , way back, so didn't really need to polish). I fount Mavala treatment and Nailtek and now I have my own nails :) yay.

      love your site and I will be coming back regularly for more info.

    3. PS I also love your stash!! what a list, my shoebox filled with polish seems very empty compared...........

    4. Hi Meghan
      i tried CND sticky, loving it!! thanks :)


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