27 March 2014

The Nail Bites: City Flourish Florals

Hi everyone! Last night I showed you the first half of the China Glaze City Flourish collection. Well I've really enjoyed using these for nail art, the brighter colours just make me so happy. Many months ago I posted some flowers I did inspired by Mr Candiipants, so I decided to do them again. The technique is really simple - you just use the brush in the nail polish bottle to paint the petals.

City Flourish Florals

26 March 2014

China Glaze City Flourish Collection: Part One, Peonies & Park Ave.

Hi everyone! I hope you're not tired of the new China Glaze City Flourish collection. I bought these a few weeks ago from Nail Polish Canada, and I've been itching to swatch them. Also there's been some mixed opinions on the collection so I wanted to offer my thoughts if you're still on the fence. 

China Glaze City Flourish collection: Peonies & Park Ave.

I think I'll leave my thoughts regarding the collection as a whole until my second post. For now, I want to show you these first six. 

22 March 2014

Flowers for Aja

Hi everyone! Many, many months ago I showed you a polish by Girly Bits called Remember Aja. It was made in memory of Aja Chandler, an Ontario girl who died last year at the age of 11 from playing the choking game. I felt touched by her story because, as I told you, I also had my own experience with this "game." Fortunately it did not end so tragically.

Flowers for Aja: Remembering Aja Chandler

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of her death, so I wanted to do some flowers in her memory. I wasn't able to post these yesterday but I feel better late than never. I'm not a parent, and could never understand what it's like to loose a child, but I think we can all agree that few things are sadder than a life cut so short, especially by a death that was accidental. So if you have kids, or nieces or nephews, please talk to them about the dangers of this "game."

20 March 2014

The Nail Bites: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Hi everyone! This title is a bit of a groaner, but I couldn't resist. The "waterfall" I'm referring to is The Nailasaurus' waterfall design. I've tried it several times, and with the exception of one instance, I'm always unhappy with the results. My mani doesn't look like confident strokes but rather slightly squiggly snakes. Oh well, I tried.

Magic Cake waterfall nail art

19 March 2014

Lynnderella Snow Moon: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Lately I've been obsessed with Lynnderella glitters. They are pricey little things so I haven't bought too many, but I did add my first LEs several weeks ago, along with this new one called Snow Moon. Plus I've been perusing the Lynnderella eBay store rather excessively, counting down the days till my next payday. Six more days...

Lynnderella Snow Moon

I think it's because I've been working on trying to make nice glitter polishes myself. No small task I might add. A lot of glitter polishes, even by the big brands, just look bland to me. I need complexity without chaos - no need to have a glitter apocalypse on my nails - and shimmer that doesn't overwhelm.   The Lynnderellas that I own do that for me - they have a level of complexity, and balance of glitters and shimmers, that really stand out in my collection.

17 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands, Day Five: The Digit-al Dozen!

Hi everyone! I survived another Digit-al Dozen week! Whew!! I found this week particularly challenging, and since I was at a loss for ideas at first, I really didn't prepare ahead like I should have.

The Digit-al Dozen nail art

The Digit-al Dozen isn't really a brand per se, but bloggers often talk about their "brand" or "branding" themselves, so this design plays off that.

15 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands, Day Four: My Own Indie Brand - Renaissance Cosmetics!

Hi everyone! This post is a little homage to my indie brand, Renaissance Cosmetics, which I started back in November. My challenge was to do something that tied in with the brand, while using only polishes I had made - no easy feat I must add.

Renaissance Cosmetics inspired nail art

14 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands, Day Three: My Erin Condren Planner

Hi everyone! Today's design draws inspiration from something I carry around with me almost daily - my planner. For years I had been using Moleskin planners, but in the past year or two my use of them, and my organization, had been on the decline. Or at least that's what I perceived. This year, I was surprised with an Erin Condren planner by the amazing Lindsey over Wondrously Polished. The design on it is so marvelous, I knew that someday I would make some nail art based on it.

My Erin Condren planner and matching nail art

13 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands, Day Two: Ode To Kodachrome

Hi everyone! I'm now a day behind with the Digit-al Dozen challenge, which means I'll either try to catch up during the week, or on the weekend. Today's design is inspired by Kodak, and its most iconic film, Kodachrome. One thing you probably don't know about me is that I have a love of film photography. I don't get a chance to practice much, and it's not something I excel at, but I have several film cameras, including a few older ones and a Lomography camera.

Ode to Kodachrome

12 March 2014

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle: Swatches, Review and Comparisons

Hi everyone! You may remember a few weeks ago, I showed you Girly Bits Flash Your Tips, which was included in the A Box, Indied subscription box for March. Well Girly Bits is included in the April box with this beautiful periwinkle holo, perfect for spring.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle

When I first saw this, I wondered if it was close to Flash Your Tips. So I decided to do a quick comparison and include a few other purple and purple/blue holos from Girly Bits.

11 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands, Day One: Pretty Little Bottles

Hi everyone! It's another Digit-al Dozen week. This time we are taking on brands, which I think we're allowed to interpret rather loosely. Unlike last month's challenge where I had four manis done at the beginning of the week, this time I only have one - the one I'm showing you today. I'm at such a loss for what to do, but I'm hoping some inspiration will strike me...ASAP!

Pretty Little Bottles with China Glaze City Flourish

10 March 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Collection "Resort Fling": Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone! As promised I have the Essie Resort 2014 collection. Last year I passed on the Resort collection when it came out (although I eventually bought them as minis), but this year I decided to splurge for them. I have some mixed thoughts, like any collection, but overall I'm happy with this purchase.

Essie Resort 2014 collection

Keep reading for my thoughts on each polish and the collection as a whole.

08 March 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Nail Art: Water Marble, Interrupted

Hi everyone! I will have swatches of the new Essie Resort collection this weekend, but in the meantime, here's a fun water marble that I'm very proud of. I'm hoping to create more nail art looks with this collection, because I'm itching to do more spring nail art looks. I'm so over winter and ready to put the whole thing behind me!

Essie Resort 2014 water marble nail art

07 March 2014

The Nail Bites: Lynnderella Aquamarine Calm

Hi everyone! So the other week I posed the idea of doing shorter, bite-sized posts that would be mixed in with my regular posts. Well, I figured my new shortie posts should have their own name...The Nail Bites! ;)

Every week the Love Lynnderella Facebook page hosts a giveaway, and you can gain extra entries by posting a mani with the POTW (polish of the week). This week it was Aquamarine Calm, so it was the perfect opportunity to pull out one of my untrieds.

06 March 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection: Swatches, Review, and Comparisons

Hi everyone! So you may have noticed things have been silent over here. Nothing major happened, I've just had a really heavy workload these past two weeks. I'm hoping things will settle down and I can go back to posting 5 days a week. I'm also hoping that I can tackle some of my blog goals this month.

Anyways, I've had my hands on the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection for a few weeks now. I bought these from Nail Polish Canada, one of my favourite places to get my nail polish "fix," hehe. I was a bit nervous about splurging for these - after all, China Glaze has released two other textured collections before this, and both of them were terrible, in my opinion. But the initial photos I saw were so intriguing I had to get them.

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Lucky for me I did, because I'm pretty impressed with most of the collection. I also was able to compare three of them to other texture polishes in my collection, which made me like them even more.

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