09 July 2014

The Polish Bar Pastel Holo Collection for Spring 2014

Hi everyone! If bright colours are not your taste, then summer collections can be hard to sit through. If you enjoy softer pastel shades, The Polish Bar's Pastel Holo collection might be right up your alley.

Some pastels can be difficult for people to wear, especially if they have the chalky Easter egg look. These pastels are subtle and muted, and I think more flattering because of it. The holo effect doesn't hurt either, and gives these colours and nice understated beauty.

The Polish Bar Pastel Holo Collection

About this collection:

The Pastel Holo Collection consists of three pastel holographic shades and one glitter topper that complements the other three polishes. It came out in the spring, but is still available in The Polish Bar shop. They are on the sheer side, but they build up nicely and I was able to get full coverage with all of them. So let's look at the polishes, eh?

About the polishes: 

Jardin is the glitter topper of the group. I love that you can layer it over any of the other polishes and it looks great. It consists of matte and satin finish pastel glitter, purple micro glitter, and iridescent glitter. There's also some cute flower shaped glitter. It's not a dense glitter topper but I didn't have a problem applying it with the dab method. Depending on your nails, the flowers might not lay flat.

Jardin over Sheer Rose

Jardin over Serene Sky

Jardin over Magic Mint

Magic Mint is a mint pastel with a subtle holo effect. Formula-wise I found this to be a bit thick and I needed to add thinner. I used 3 coats here.

Magic Mint (lightbox)

Magic Mint (lightbox)

Magic Mint (direct light)

Serene Sky is a beautiful periwinkle with a subtle holo effect. The formula was good, but my nails were a bit stained so I used an extra coat just to cover it up. I used 4 coats here, but 3 would work for most people.

Serene Sky (lightbox)

Serene Sky (lightbox)

Serene Sky (direct light)

Sheer Rose is a classic pink, also with a subtle holo effect. The formula was good and I had no issues with the application. I did find this one stained my nails pink, so I would double up on the base coat. I used 3 coats here.

Sheer Rose (lightbox)

Sheer Rose (lightbox)

Sheer Rose (direct light)

The holo effect is subtle with all three polishes, but I can tell you it's more apparent in person and in the sunlight than you see here.

The Polish Bar Pastel Holo collection is available in The Polish Bar Etsy shop. The shop is currently closed so that Janice (the maker) can get ready for the release of the summer collection. So if brighter colours are up your alley, do check out her soon-to-be released summer holos! You can also follow The Polish Bar on Facebook and Instagram.

What do you think of these? Do you like pastels?

*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*


  1. What pretty soft shades! That glitter is adorable too.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I completely agree! :)

  2. Sheer Rose stained me pink, too! :( Such a bummer, it's so pretty!

    1. Too bad! I don't mind the staining too much, only if I'm swatching and need to wear a light colour after.


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