12 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 3, Random: Beautiful Distressed with Shimmer Jennifer

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here, I'm feeling a bit sad - we're having the first truly gorgeous weekend with lots of sun and warm temperatures, and I'm stuck inside with a huge pile of marking. It's like tax season for academics. Booo.

Shimmer Polish Jennifer with distressed nails

But I was able to make a small dent in my pile of untrieds, and I used several for this mani. It was also a chance to use one of the Shimmer polishes that was sent to me so long ago. With all the new indies popping up, Shimmer Polish hasn't gotten much attention, but if you like small and tiny glitter, and loathe shape glitter, you will probably like these. I find that some of them are hard to tell apart. But I really love these for doing glitter gradients, and when I want an easy-to-use glitter to layer. They are also great for nail art, and you can see lots of examples in the Shimmer Etsy Shop.

Shimmer Polish Jennifer with distressed nails

Shimmer Jennifer is probably one of my favourites out of the ones I was sent. It's a clear based glitter with loads of pale blue, lavender, turquoise, and pale pink glitter, and slightly larger copper, gold and black glitter. The black glitter is more of an accent, and I like that it's been added.

Shimmer Polish Jennifer with distressed nails

I used Pure Ice Bikini as my base. If you want an inexpensive pale blue creme I'd recommend this one. This was 3 coats, and formula was perfect. I would love to get more Pure Ice polishes, but I've only seen them at Walmart and I'm not there very often.

To get this look:

  • Base: Pure Ice Bikini (3 coats)
  • Glitter: Shimmer Jennifer (1 coat over Bikini)
  • Accent nails: Distressed nails using a fine detail brush and Orly Luxe, Julep Marion, and Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together

Shimmer Polish Jennifer with distressed nails

With the exception of Orly Luxe, all polishes were untrieds for me. Julep Marion is a gorgeous teal blue with subtle shimmer and not sheer at all. I'm going to have to use this for a full mani or base for nail art because it's so gorgeous. Purple Yourself Together is more sheer, but but has a stunning shimmer

What do you think of this? Have you tried any Shimmer Polish?

*Shimmer Polish was sent for review. All opinions are my own.*



  1. This is beautiful. Shimmer's Jennifer is actually one of my favourites, and I think it's a shame you don't see as much Shimmer Polish on blogs nowadays!

  2. Ooooh, love your mani. I need to get off my keester and try to do some of those distressed nails - they appeal to me so much. I especially like the polishes you chose for this one. Would love to have those polishes, especially the Shimmer one, in my stash! Congrats on using some unused ones - I can only imagine how many you nail bloggers have!


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