07 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Day 1, Glitter: Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

Hi everyone! I'm starting a new challenge today. The Neverending Pile Challenge was created by Missy of Gnarly Gnails. If you're interested in joining, it's running through a group on Facebook called the Glittah Pirates (arrrrr!). The point of the challenge is to use your untrieds - those polishes that you bought with good intentions but have sat collecting dust. I have way too many, and with my goal this year to use more of my polishes, this challenge (along with the GOT Challenge) are perfect for me.

Lynnderella Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

So that means I'm now participating in three challenges - GOT Challenge (Golden Oldies Thursdays), The Neverending Pile, and the monthly Digit-al Dozen challenges. For you as readers that means I may (if I can keep up) be posting more often. It also means that my posts may be brief - like my  Nail Bites series. But I hope that these posts will be interesting for you. I find that challenges force me to do more nail art. It may not always be the intricate, detailed nail art that I love to do, but it keeps me working, which is good in my book.

For the first challenge, glitter, I naturally went to my Lynnderella stash. I'm not normally a green lover, but Peridot Power from the Talismans and Birthstones collection screamed out to me. This is one of those collections where I wish I bought all of them, but I'm glad to own the ones that I do.

Lynnderella Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

Peridot Power is a lime green / chartreuse glitter made up of metallic and neon glitter, microglitter, and a gorgeous gold shimmer. There is some variation in the colours of the glitter, but overall it reads as chartreuse. I love that even though it's overall one colour, it still has complexity to it.

Lynnderella Peridot Power

I layered one coat over Essie Romper Room, a very pale pink. Because of the shimmer in Peridot Power, the pink base gets dulled a bit. Formula on Peridot Power was great - good glitter payoff and no issues with the glitter.

Lynnderella Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

Accent Nail: The base is also Essie Romper Room, then I painted the flowers and dots with Misa Lime Love and Models Own Pastel Pink. I went over with a fine liner brush and OPI Anti-Bleak and Nubar Into the Wild for the lines.

Lynnderella Peridot Power and Funky Flowers

I really love the pink/green colour combination in this. And the shimmer in Peridot Power is breathtaking. Definitely another Lynnderella that I'm so happy to own!

So how many untrieds do I have? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday I pulled out all my untrieds and laid them out on my bed. Talk about a lengthy endeavour! Part of the reason why I tend to use the same polishes over and over, is that I don't remember what I own and when it's out of sight it's out of mind. So I wanted to see everything and get some pictures to remember. I didn't count them, but this picture shows almost all of my untrieds. There's about 30-ish that are missing from this picture. I'll let you count them if you're curious! ;)

My Neverending Pile

So what do you think of this design? How many untrieds are in your collection?



  1. What a fun challenge! Its very pretty. Wow that is a lot of untried but I'm excited to see you use them for this challenge too.

  2. That glitter! Those flowers! Love them both!

  3. Meghan, funny that you're concentrating on using your untrieds right now -- a few weeks ago I decided to do the same thing, just on my own. In my head, I had been calling my little challenge "Use What You Have." I sure don't have as many untrieds as you do, but it makes me feel less wasteful and more resourceful to not just keep adding to my collection nor only using the same polishes over and over.

  4. i am IN LOVE with that lynn over a cream base! now i want to buy it JUST to layer it over a cream, its so beautiful! i kind of want to count your polishes but i already have a headache!

  5. loving your "simple" freehand stuff, it reminds me of classroom "doodles", but much more sophisticated!
    I also recently did a quick assessment of my stash, and I'd also rather not count how many untrieds I have!!! I really ought to join the challenge

  6. I love the flowers with the glitters of peridot power. Peridot Power is just awsome ..and in my favourite colour scheme :o) i love it.

    Your manis are always class, with untrieds and with favourites!

    Emm how many untrieds I have? ... ... one. No, twice as much.. two.
    My whole collecrion is, I guess, less than 200.
    I buy only new ones when I've used the last ones ;-)

    Also, my low budget makes me use polishes more often and also I have some polishes I have used only once or twice, i useold and new relatively equal. The one tbing - low budget raises creativity ^^

    Greetings from Berlin!

  7. Love it to bits!! That glitter topper is fantastic! It remind me of Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub - yummi ;)
    ps. now that is a huge pile! ;)


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