02 April 2014

The Nail Bites: Faded Roses

Hi everyone! Although it does not look like it, this work was originally inspired by Warhol's screen prints. I remember in some of his works, how he would repeat an image then gradually fade it as it reads from one side of the work to the other. You can see this in one of his Marilyn works at the Tate.

Faded Roses

Combine that with my love lately for floral designs, and I think you have this one figured out! Besides, roses are fairly easy to do, so covering them up to create a faded look was not such a big deal.

Faded Roses

Faded Roses

To get this look:
  • Base: OPI My Vampire is Buff
  • Sponged background: My Vampire is Buff, OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques - VtBMN and YDKJ were thinned with nail polish thinner and sponged on, then followed with MViB (not thinned) to even it out
  • Roses: Vant to Bite My Neck?, You Don't Know Jacques!, black polish, and My Vampire is Buff
  • Use coat of quick dry top coat at this point to seal design
  • Faded look: My Vampire is Buff, sponged and lightly dragged across surface
  • Top Coat: KBShimmer Clearly On Top followed by Cult Nails Wax That

Faded Roses

Faded Roses

I hope the instructions were clear.

What do you think of these? And thanks for reading!


  1. Such a cool idea!! Love it!!! :))

  2. I really do like this and maybe I'll steal your idea and do a different pattern that fades. That's such an original and art-y idea, it's really fresh!

  3. This looks awesome! It's sort of like an ombre, but more complicated LOL. I may try this next time I paint my nails!


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