19 March 2014

Lynnderella Snow Moon: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Lately I've been obsessed with Lynnderella glitters. They are pricey little things so I haven't bought too many, but I did add my first LEs several weeks ago, along with this new one called Snow Moon. Plus I've been perusing the Lynnderella eBay store rather excessively, counting down the days till my next payday. Six more days...

Lynnderella Snow Moon

I think it's because I've been working on trying to make nice glitter polishes myself. No small task I might add. A lot of glitter polishes, even by the big brands, just look bland to me. I need complexity without chaos - no need to have a glitter apocalypse on my nails - and shimmer that doesn't overwhelm.   The Lynnderellas that I own do that for me - they have a level of complexity, and balance of glitters and shimmers, that really stand out in my collection.

Unfortunately the brand has become very polarizing. I'm guessing it has mostly to do with the price - we've become so accustom to cheap nail polish. And because I put my nails out there by blogging, I open myself up to those criticisms. Sometimes I'm tempted to give into these attitudes and not post these polishes, but I think if the content of my blog was dictated by what gets the most page views, it probably wouldn't be very interesting.

Lynnderella Snow Moon over Essie Under the Twilight

Snow Moon is from the new Light Year collection. Dubbed "A Collection to Collect," this isn't your typical collection that is released all at once. Instead polishes will be released periodically throughout the year. I'm very excited, one because I love collecting nail polish (there's no other explanation for why I own over 1200 bottles of the stuff!), and two, because I really loved this first release. I've been obsessing over white glitter lately.

Lynnderella Snow Moon over Essie Under the Twilight

Snow Moon is made up of white glitter that has a satin matte finish. It has a mix of tiny, medium and large hexes, plus shards, and moons. It also has a beautiful iridescent flake shimmer.

Lynnderella Snow Moon over China Glaze Spring In My Step, A Vase Value, and Lotus Begin

Formula and Application: Glitter payoff was very good. For these swatches I did one to one and a half coats (one coat plus dabbing on some glitters were needed). The first swatch was over Essie Under the Twilight. The second over a gradient of China Glaze Spring In My Step, At Vase Value, and Lotus Begin. With large and shape glitters you will always get a few edges that want to poke out, but I tend to push these in with an orange stick while the polish is still wet.

Lynnderella Snow Moon over China Glaze Spring In My Step, A Vase Value, and Lotus Begin

Overall: I love the delicacy and ethereal quality of this polish. I was afraid when trying it over the lighter polishes, that it would look boring, but I rather like the subtlety in this combination. Of course layering it over a dark polish makes it stand out so much more.

What do you think of Snow Moon? How about the idea of a collection released one polish at a time?


  1. Its pretty! I love how it looks over that light gradient.

    1. Thank you, and yes, that's my favourite as well! :)

  2. Hello Meghan,

    What a so interesting post. Difficult for me to answer right now your two questions. At first because I had never heard about this brand and I want to see at first what she's doing.
    Then, I have to think and that it is hard. In English in more and that it is a nightmare. That's going to take time all this ...


  3. Oh wow! With that gradient it looks all magical and fairy like :)

  4. Looks gorgeous. I've stayed away from the brand because of the negativity surrounding it, and for the most part I'm not enthused by the polishes, but I actually like this one.

  5. I find many of the Lynnderellas too busy and kind of overpowering, but I do like this one :)

  6. In Australia OPI costs around $20 a bottle - so a Lynderella isn't that pricey in comparison!


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