12 March 2014

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle: Swatches, Review and Comparisons

Hi everyone! You may remember a few weeks ago, I showed you Girly Bits Flash Your Tips, which was included in the A Box, Indied subscription box for March. Well Girly Bits is included in the April box with this beautiful periwinkle holo, perfect for spring.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle

When I first saw this, I wondered if it was close to Flash Your Tips. So I decided to do a quick comparison and include a few other purple and purple/blue holos from Girly Bits.

Perry-twinkle is a periwinkle linear holo polish, which appears to also have an iridescent shimmer that catches the light at certain times. Holo lovers will really appreciate this one, it has such a strong rainbow effect - slightly stronger than I was able to capture in my photos.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle swatch

Application was perfect. I did find that this polish was a tad thick, but very manageable. Otherwise I have no issues to report. This was 2 coats.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle swatch

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle swatch

This is one of those polishes that just dazzles when it hits the light. And despite the fact that I have quite a few purple-toned holos from Girly Bits, this one is completely unique.

Girly Bits Perry-twinkle swatch

Comparison: I hope you can see the basic similarities/differences from this nail wheel comparison. There are two other purple holos from Girly Bits that I did not include - Ho-Ho-Hope, which is more of a warm-toned purple holo that I don't own, and Bird is the Word, which is a magenta leaning holo.

Also note, the comparison does not show the holo effects well, but is mainly to show differences in colour and shimmer. All swatches are 3 coats.

Girly Bits Purple and Bluish-Purple Holo Comparisons

  • Well Isn't That Special: A middle-of-the-road purple, not leaning towards blue or magenta. Also has a subtle flake shimmer. (my review)
  • Flash Your Tips: The darkest of the bunch. It's a blue-toned purple (or blurple) with gold and green micro glitter. (my review)
  • Perry-twinkle: A periwinkle holo with a subtle iridescent shimmer.
  • More Cowbell: Not a purple holo, but it's similar to Perry-twinkle. I like to think of it as a blue-grey version of Perry-twinkle. (my review)
  • Twitterpated: The most sheer of the six polishes, but still builds up in 3-4 coats. Has a strong pink shimmer. (my review)
  • Remembering Aja: The most saturated purple of the bunch, and for that reason has a more subtle holo effect. Also has a gold-pink shimmer. (my review)

Overall: I think this is a great addition to A Box, Indied. Girly Bits fans can get this without worrying that they will already have a dupe from that brand. If you haven't already signed up for the box, Perry-twinkle gives you a great reason to do so! And holo lovers will rejoice - all five polishes in this month's box are holos!

About A Box, Indied: Like I said earlier, this is only available through A Box, Indied, the subscription box offered by Llarowe. For launch date, check out the Llarowe website. You can also follow A Box, Indied on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Girly Bits: A Canadian indie brand, Girly Bits is available through their website, and also through their distributors. Follow Girly Bits on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for updates.

What do you think of Perry-twinkle? Do you love purple holos like I do?

*Product was provided for review, all opinions my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*


  1. Its a gorgeous color! Great job on comparing this color to others too.

  2. Another one to add to the "I want that!" List! :D


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