01 November 2013

Guest Post at Lacquered by Blue Vanilla

Happy Halloween everyone! So far I haven't done any Halloween nail art on this blog, however, I did do a guest post over at Lacquered by Blue Vanilla - a blog by Bethanie and Xin Yu, two friends from Singapore. They had a series of guest posts and the theme was, naturally, Halloween! It's a great series, so make sure to check it out!

Head on over to my guest post to read about this nail art design and see more pictures. Can you guess what book I took as my inspiration? If you don't know you'll have to find out over at Xin Yu and Bethanie's blog. ;)

What do you think of this? Did you do any nail art for Halloween?


  1. These look fantastic!! :D
    I did false nail art for Hallowe'en, but more for my blog than anything (well, that and because I love painting nails! XD) I didn't wear them though... :S

    1. Thanks Ashesela! False nails can be a great way to experiment with nail art. I have some nail wheels and I've been meaning to use them.

  2. Bah! Gashlycrumb tinies! I love this book! You did an amazing job!

    1. Haha! Thanks Kirsten! I agree, I love this book as well, wish I could have done some of the little tinies on my nails but I didn't think that would turn out so well. :)


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