09 October 2013

September Goals Recap

Hi everyone! Things are going to be quieter around here this week. You may have noticed that it's been a few days since I've posted a mani for the 31 Day Challenge. Lindsey and I have decided to take a short break - we'll resume our challenge next week. Also I have some work stuff going on that is commanding my attention.

31 Day Challenge: Day Nineteen

So I thought I'd take this time to recap my goals from September. I'm not setting any new blogging goals for October, because with the 31 Day Challenge and the Beginner Blogger's Bootcamp, I feel now is the time to carry out my goals, not add more work by setting new goals.

If you are new to this blog, I like to set blogging goals each month, although lately it's been somewhat sporadic and irregular. But I find that setting goals helps keep me motivated and focused on what is most important. The trick is to make sure the goals are manageable, reasonable, and that you're not pushing yourself too much.

Different Dimension Good Evening Clarice (Halloween 2013)

Curious to see how I did with my September goals? Read on...

September Recap

Goal #1: Complete two tutorials, either video or photo. Fail! I did one tutorial, but in my defence it was  very time consuming! I did my Ethereal Dreamcatcher nails at the end of September.

Goal #2: Begin a new series of posts - tentatively titled "Beginner Blogger's Boot Camp." Check! I procrastinated a lot and was very nervous about starting this series, so I left it until the last minute. But I published the introductory post at the end of September, and I'm very glad I took the plunge. I've been overwhelmed by the response and I really enjoy putting together the posts for this series.

Goal #3: Continue to post 6 days a week. Pass. I was able to do this most weeks, but there was one week (maybe two) where I only posted five days a week. I'm not too disappointed that I didn't complete this goal. 

31 Day Challenge: Day Seventeen

My Most Popular Posts - As Determined By You!

These are my posts with the highest pageviews:
Ethereal Dreamcatcher Nails (and a tutorial)

Stats, Stats, Stats

So how did this blog do over the month of September? Since I didn't jot down the numbers at the very beginning of the month, I'm making an estimate. I'm sure my Enchanted Polish giveaway at the beginning of September had something to do with the numbers, but I'm happy to see that people are sticking around after the giveaway. Or maybe you're just waiting around for my one year blogiversary giveaway! ;)

31 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

As of the beginning of the month we had approximately 700 GFC followers, 740 on Bloglovin', 1340 on Facebook, 7700 on Instagram, and 3000 on Tumblr! Pageviews were slightly down with 27K views in the month of September. Check out last month's recap to compare the numbers. :)

I'm very excited by all of this. Pretty soon my day job is going to get busier and it's the little things - the feedback I get from you, new followers, a popular nail art design - that keeps me motivated. 

I'd like to hear from you. Did you set any blogging goals? If so, how did you do?

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