27 October 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight, Inspired by a Flag: The Franco-Ontarian Flag

Hi everyone! Out of all the prompts in the 31 Day Challenge, the "Inspired by a Flag" prompt is by far the most uninspiring of all of them. I realize that flags serve an important purpose as symbols of nations, regions or groups, and I find it interesting to see what flags different countries and regions adopt. But on an aesthetic level, flags are pretty boring and unappealing. Like, someone please, take a brush and paint some pretty flowers on that thing! But it's a challenge, and in my research I ended up finding a flag that was interesting on a more personal level.

Franco-Ontarian flag nail art

But first I thought I'd share with you some facts I learned about flags, which have absolutely no relevance to nail art at all:

  • The flag of Nova Scotia has the same crazy lion figure (it's called a lion rampant) as the "apartment flag" in the Big Bang Theory. Makes you wonder, who adopted it first? ;)
  • Mars has a semi-official flag. If we ever colonize Mars, the dilemma over what flag to adopt is a non-issue. (source)
  • The pirate flag is called a Jolly Roger. And here I thought that was a chain of restaurants. Guess I was wrong.
  • Carrying a white flag and a black flag at the same time would be confusing. A white flag symbolizes surrender, which I already knew, but a black flag symbolizes anarchy, which is news to me. Note to self: don't ever hang black towels or linens from a balcony or window. 

Franco-Ontarian flag

About this design: So the flag that I finally decided on was the Franco-Ontarian flag. It's the emblem for francophones living in the province of Ontario (in Canada of course). My paternal grandfather was francophone and so I have a French last name. My dad's side of the family also lives in Ontario, as do I. So you see the connection there. 

Franco-Ontarian flag nail art

Franco-Ontarian flag nail art

I decided to incorporate the design quite literally, except I added accents of gold. I also decided to keep the original colours, since it had meaning to the flag. My index fingers has little abstract trillium designs over a gradient, while my pinky has fleurs-de-lys over a gradient. 

Franco-Ontarian flag nail art

To get this design: I used only three polishes: Sally Hansen White On, Nubar Into the Wild, and Stripe Rite striping polish in gold. The studs are from the Born Pretty Store. As always, I painted my design freehand using a medium length detail brush. 

What do you think of this? Have you ever done nail art inspired by a flag?



  1. This is beautiful. I love the design as well as the pretty colors. The addition of studs takes this over the top but it isn't tacky or gaudy at all. I love this! Especially the gradient on your pinky and index fingers.

  2. I agree, flags generally have pretty boring designs, but I think you solved this challenge really well!

  3. I think it looks great. Normally I find it hard to be inspired by a flag as well.

  4. Well, you know I love this flag just because of the fleur! :) Great job!! Love it!


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