10 September 2013

July/August Recap and September Blogging Goals

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've done a blogging goals post and I was reluctant to post this since, in the words of my mother, "It's almost half way through September." Thanks for the reminder mom! *sarcasm* However, I feel the need to look at some accomplishments and to have some direction in my blogging.

I've also included some photos of my stronger nail art designs from July and August. Click on the caption to be taken to the original post!

29 July 2013: piCture pOlish Blog Fest

July and August Recap

I didn't set any goals for August, but I did set some goals for July. So let's see how I did:

Goal #1: Put together a media kit for this blog. Check! I did this with some feedback from the lovely Deborah at Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... It still needs some designy work but it's ready to go if there's a need for it.

12 July 2013: 31 Day Challenge: Day One, Red

Goal #2: Continue to do one collections review a week. Fail! I didn't quite accomplish this one, only reviewing three collections in July and 2.5 in August. Here's the collections I did review:
  • Dior Sparkling Shine 2013 
  • Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X
  • Contrary Polish Color Context 
  • Essie Fall 2013 "For the Twill Of It"
  • Jindie Nails Summer Chic Collection
  • China Glaze Autumn Nights (part one)

Goal #3: Continue to post six times per week. Pass. Some weeks I post 6 times per week, other times it was five times per week. I'm happy if I post five times per week, but six is still something I strive for.

3 August 2013: 31 Day Challenge: Day Seven, Black and White

Goal #4: Post two video tutorials this month. Ultra fail! I didn't do any videos, poor YouTube subscribers. I want to do more videos, but the thought of doing them makes me feel super anxious. Maybe I shouldn't put pressure on myself to do this.

Goal #5: Redesign this blog. Check! Hurray!! I redesigned my blog at the very end of July and I love it. :)

Goal #6: Complete a tutorial for my stained glass nails. Check! Another hurray!! I did a tutorial for the piCture pOlish Blog Fest.

23 July 2013: Guest Post at The Nailasaurus

Highlights From July and August

Despite struggling with motivation, and the summer being sort of a down time with people going away for vacations, I felt like I did a lot of good things. For me, these are my strongest blogging moments during this period:

1. piCture pOlish Blog Fest: I spent forever and a day on my design and I was disappointed when I wasn't selected for one of the awards but in the end it was a great experience. I highly recommend this for nail art/nail polish bloggers. There were so many great designs, many by bloggers I hadn't heard of, I found some new bloggers to follow, and a lot of bloggers visited this site - many which seemed to be first time visitors. It was like an online gallery hop. :)

2. The 31 Day Challenge: Lindsey from Wondrously Polished and I started this in July, and although we are not doing it everyday, it's still a challenge. Not all my designs have been winners, but I've made some of my strongest nail art pieces as part of this challenge. You can see all of them here.

3. Stats: In terms of pageviews, it remained constant with close to 30K pageviews for both July and August. In terms of social media stats, I don't have accurate numbers for the end of June/beginning of July, but by the end of August, this blog had 595 followers on GFC, 660 on Bloglovin', 1040 likes on Facebook, 7000 followers on Instagram, and 2585 on Tumblr. I continued to be floored by all the support! Thank you everyone!

Goal #1: Complete two tutorials, either video or photo. I haven't decided yet on what to do tutorials for, probably two of my popular nail art designs. If you have any suggestions send me an email or leave a comment.

28 August 2013: 31 Day Challenge: Day 14, Flowers

Goal #2: Begin a new series of posts - tentatively titled "Beginner Blogger's Boot Camp." This would be a series of informative and how-to posts for newbie bloggers, or bloggers who feel they need a refresher on the basics. I'm still working on details but this will probably be once a week and cover a variety of topics such as photographing nails, blogging platforms, social media, etc. Again, if you want to see a specific topic covered, let me know!

Goal #3: Continue to post 6 days a week. This has been an ongoing goal and one I'm still striving for.

31 July 2013: 31 Day Challenge: Day Six, Violet

So that's it! I'm keeping it short and sweet with the goals. Did you set any blogging goals for the month?


  1. It's fantastic that you put so much thought into blogging...I wish I was as organised as you are, haha. As you mentioned Blog Fest, do you know who won the award voted for by participants? I don't recall even hearing about that part...

    1. Thanks Kirstie! I'm not always so organized - I go through periods where I am, and periods where I'm not. But even when I'm not organized, having reviews to do and doing things like the 31 Day Challenge keep me going.

      And about the Blog Fest, I don't think I heard who one the third award, weird eh!? I just posted a note on their Facebook page, maybe they'll answer!

    2. I saw that, thanks - I thought it would've been odd if I'd managed to miss the announcement! I definitely think you're in with a chance for that award - fellow nail art-ers will especially appreciate the amount of effort which went into your design, I think!

  2. The boot camp idea sounds good, can't wait :)
    I also would really like to make a media kit (not that I need it right now) but I have no idea where/how to start, haha!

    1. same here! I even have no idea what is it, and I'd love to see a post on this!)

    2. Glad to hear that you're interested in the bootcamp idea, I'm really excited to do something like this just need to get started! :P

      As for the media kit, you can find a good how to post here: http://www.lacquerheadsofoz.com/2013/05/media-kit-basics-for-bloggers.html
      This is what I used as a guideline. I might do something brief on media kits in the bootcamp but until I have more experience actually sending it out, I want to wait.

  3. I'm really surprised you didn't win PP fest award! This mani is probably one of the best I've ever seen... And not only this one, in the last few months all your manicures were so gorgeous and keep getting better! It's great that you're working hard on your blog, and it certainly pays off)

    1. Thanks Maria, technically there's still one more chance to win - there's going to be another round of voting by participants. But the competition was very stiff so it lessens the pain, lol. ;)

      And thanks for the sweet comments. I'll admit that there's days when I feel tired and don't want to blog but overall, this hobby of mine makes me really happy. If others get something out of it, then great!

  4. I know I don't comment as often as I used to, but I still read every post!! :-)
    I know I would fail miserably if I set goals for myself, mainly because I split my time between 3 hobbies that are all time consuming. Try to squeeze work and life into that and there goes my time! :-)

    1. Thanks for your support Chantal. I'm not the best in posting comments so I completely understand.

      As for the hobbies I've really been trying to limit myself but it's hard. Luckily I really enjoy this so I don't mind focusing on this at the expense of other pastimes.

  5. DUDE-I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. 6 times a week is a LOT. And the quality and intracacies of the designs you're doing need to be appreciated and looked at for more than one day!!!! I would LOVE to have your talent. It's amazing.


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