21 August 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Twelve, Stripes: Just For Fun

Hi everyone! Today's challenge was another one that I had been dreading. Have I mentioned before that I hate stripes!? Well, I don't hate all stripe designs, just mine, lol! Whether we realize it or not, when it comes to nail art, everyone has their own aesthetic. Some things just feel right while others don't.

I think part of my problem when it comes to doing stripes is that I haven't really figured out what feels right for me. Do I prefer very precisely painted stripes, maybe even using tape to make them perfect? Or do I prefer something looser, more casually painted, where the imperfections and variations are part of the design?

The idea behind this design was to combine some abstract elements with stripes, using some new colours that I've been wanting to try out. I had done a little sketch in my sketchbook of some triangle flags on a string, then for some reason the idea of circles with stripes painted in them popped into my head. So there's my thought process for you! ;)

The base is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and the black outlines are Orly Liquid Vinyl. For the colours I used American Apparel Pink Ladies (coral), The Valley (pale blue), and L'Esprit (lavender). I really love how those three colours go together. The copper-gold foil is China Glaze Goldie But Goodie.

In the end, I'm happy with how this turned out. The stripes are busy, but my eye can rest on the white areas.

What do you think of this? How do you come up with your ideas for nail art?



  1. I love this so much! It looks perfect for something like a carnival, or a festival :) great nail art!

  2. I really like your manicure!! The stripes definitely worked, I'm also not a big fan of stripes and I normally go for the loose and imperfect way cause I'm too lazy for tape. Love the triangle flags of your design in particular!! :)

  3. I think they are wonderful!! I like the combination of diferent designs and colors are so beautiful together!

  4. This one is lovely! Very summery and festival like :)

  5. Wow! The colors are very particular and well combined. The design is SO cute .... I like this one a lot!
    Were you able to reproduce the drawing also on the right hand? if so .... congratulations!

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  7. I love these! They are completely cutesy--in a good way--and remind me of a circus or a summer fair.

  8. I really like these nails, all the colors look great together! I think the nail with the striped circles is my favorite! (:

  9. Hehe, love how ideas develope from one to another! It's always such an interesting process :) Love these! I do love stripes though, I find them really fun to play around with. Do love the triangles buntings very much! Makes the whole mani look very fun. Hehe!

  10. Such a fun mani! I loke it a lot!


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