11 July 2013

Simple Stud Manicure with Shimmer Polish Mary

Hi everyone! When Cindy of Shimmer Polish sent me some of her polishes to review some time ago, I decided instead of swatching them, that I would use them for nail art. Now that I've shown five of these polishes, I'll admit that I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of ideas. I mean there's gradients (did that), tape manicures (did that as well), and skittle manicures (done, done, and done). Of course, there are other options, however, I do feel many of my future posts will use one or a combination of those three techniques.

Shimmer Polish Mary

And yet, when it came to Shimmer Polish Mary, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Mary is such a gorgeous jelly-based glitter polish, and I wanted to do something simple that would not overshadow the polish.

Simple stud manicure with Shimmer Polish Mary

About this polish: Mary has a deep magenta-red jelly base with lots of shimmery red, silver, black, and what appears to be iridescent blue glitter. Some of the silver glitter is holographic, and the blue glitter shifts to flecks of purple on the nails. It was surprisingly easy to work with - a tad thick but not too much trouble, and it went on very smooth and evenly. I used two coats here topped with one coat of top coat. If you want a glassy smooth finish, however, I'd recommend two layers of top coat, or a coat of Gelous then top coat.

Simple stud manicure with Shimmer Polish Mary

Simple stud manicure with Shimmer Polish Mary

About the studs: The gold studs came from a set of silver and gold studs I received from the Born Pretty Store (previously reviewed here). I cannot emphasize how awesome this set is. Every time you see me use metal studs in my manicures, it's from this set. I've had it for several months now and the only one I'm running low on is the larger squares. In fact I still have many more uses out of this set. Don't forget you can use my coupon code MSL91 for 10% off any purchases at the Born Pretty Store.

Simple stud manicure with Shimmer Polish Mary

Overall, I love this look. The polish has a very glamorous, almost diva-like feel to it. And the studs add a nice accent.

Shimmer Polish is available on Etsy, from Harlow & Co., and Overall Beauty. Follow Shimmer on Facebook, and the Shimmer Polish blog for updates.

What do you think of this design? 

*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.*


  1. What a great Shimmer and manicure! :)

  2. This Shimmer looks fantastic and the addition of the studs is perfect :)

  3. Hi Meghan, beautiful swatches - and those studs add that extra bit of glamour that makes this look divaesque :-)

    1. Thank you so much Christine! Good to hear that the look I wanted came across. :)


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