24 July 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day Four, Green: Roses and Stripes

Hi everyone! Do you ever have an instance where you've finished some nail art and you tell yourself, "It would be great if it weren't for XYZ..." With XYZ being some little thing that just looks off to you? I feel like I'm having those moments a lot lately. And in particular with this design. So rather than beat around the bush, I'll just get it out there... it's the stripes, they just irk me!

About this design: I've been wanting to try my hand at painting roses, and I decided to pair them with stripes for that vintage look that seems to be popular. All polishes, with the exception of the off white, are from the Zoya Stunning and Irresistible collections from this summer - the colours just seemed perfect for this design. For the roses, I used this super easy tutorial from The Nailasaurus.

Roses and stripes nail art

Roses and stripes nail art

To get this look: For the green base colour on my thumb, index and pinky, I used Zoya Josie, which applied amazingly well in two coats. I then sponged Zoya Rikki (a green foil) on the tips. For the middle and ring fingers I used OPI My Vampire is Buff (of course!) as a base. For the roses I used Zoya Micky (dusty mid-tone pink) as my base colour, Yana (darker pink/fuchsia) and Bobbi (magenta foil) for my darker areas, and My Vampire is Buff for the highlights. The leaves were done with Josie.

Roses and stripes nail art

Roses and stripes nail art

For the stripes I used Zoya Josie, Micky, and Tinsley (rose/gold foil). I also added some blue stripes with Zoya Rocky because I thought the variation would be good, but afterwards I really didn't like this - I should have stuck to pinks and greens!

Roses and stripes nail art (matte!)

I'm really happy with how the roses turned out, and I'll be doing them again. I feel like I need to practice painting stripes, I'm never happy with how they turn out. Maybe some blue stripes on Friday, eh!?

What do you think of this design? Is there a nail art technique for you that you just can't seem to get?



  1. Wow! This is really beautiful!

  2. I love it and like the blue you added in for the stripes.

    1. Thanks Myztic! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback - I wasn't sure the blue worked but I'm happy to hear that it does for you! :)

  3. I love them and I think the stripes are lovely!


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