04 March 2013

Nicole by OPI Feeling Grapeful and Please Red-cycle

Hi everyone! What's this...a second post by me!?? That's right, I'm procrastinating on the paper that I should be writing so I thought I'd post these swatches. :)

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday and saw a display of new Nicole by OPI polishes. There were the four newly released colours (which includes Please Red-cycle) as well as a few others, including Feeling Grapeful. Later I found out that these had been released last years as CVS exclusive polishes. Of course, we don't have CVS stores in Canada, so I'm happy to see them here.

To be honest, I found most of the colours in the display a bit blah, but these two stood out as good basic colours that would fill gaps in my collection.

Feeling Grapeful: As mentioned this was a CVS exclusive released late last year. It's a mid-value purple creme that is warm leaning. The colour is very beautiful. This is three coats and it dried to a perfectly smooth and glossy finish, even without top coat.

Nicole by OPI Feeling Grapeful

Nicole by OPI Feeling Grapeful

Please Red-cycle: This is one of the new polishes for 2013, a perfect cherry red creme. This colour was hard to photograph, but the bottom photo is closest to the actual colour. It reminds me of the nails you would see in old photos from the fifties. It has that look of old Hollywood glamour. This was three coats - I know a lot of reviews say this only requires one or two coats, but I found that there was still some patchiness and visible nail line even with two coats. The finish on this one was also perfect, it dried so smooth and glossy.

Nicole by OPI Please Red-cycle

Nicole by OPI Please Red-cycle

If you don't already have colours like this, these might be a good purchase. I can see myself wearing them again on their own or using them in some nail art.

What do you think of these? Would you pick them up, or are they too basic?


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