11 March 2013

Lynnderella Shape Shifter

Hi everyone!! I'm working on a big-ish post for tomorrow, so I have another short post for you today. If you follow me on Instagram you might have an idea, and if not you will just have to wait until tomorrow! *insert secretive devious smile*

Lynnderella Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter is a gorgeous glitter topper from the Early Halloween Resurrected collection. It's got a clear base with silver holo glitter in all different sizes and shapes - bars, hexes, squares, diamonds, stars, butterflies, moons and micro glitter. The combination of the holo effect and the shimmer is absolutely stunning! This is one coat over OPI Russian Navy. You can layer this over almost any colour, but I think dark colours really make this polish stand out.

Lynnderella Shape Shifter

The application was pretty good, and I didn't have much trouble getting enough glitter. I also didn't have problems getting the larger pieces of glitter on the nail. You do want to make sure not to fuss too much when applying it. I did, and I ended up transferring some of the base colour on the glitter. Also, some of the larger pieces do not lay flat on the nail, so you'll have to top it will probably two coats of top coat.

Lynnderella Shape Shifter (direct light)

Lynnderella Shape Shifter

You can find this polish on the Lynnderella eBay store. I don't think there's a listing for it right now, but I believe it's still available so I'm sure it will be listed again soon.

What do you think of this? Do you like polishes with shape glitter?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Heather! It's hard to tell in the lightbox photos, but it does kinda look like galaxy nails when the light hits it, especially when you layer the polish over a darker one.

  2. just love the Lynnderella nail polishes :)

    1. I know!! They are so gorgeous. I need more in my collection!! :)


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