04 February 2013

Pahlish Twelve Days of Christmas: Days One, Two, and Three

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm posting some swatches that I did about a month ago - yikes! In the weeks leading up to the holidays, I bought a limited edition collection by Pahlish based on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Yes, you heard me right, I bought all twelve. Then they started arriving (they weren't all released at the same time) and it seemed like other things came up that I had to post about. So now only a small handful are available. But I'd really like to swatch the entire collection. If I do get around to it, I might keep it interesting by incorporating them into nail art. I don't know, how do you feel when bloggers show HTF polishes?

Today I have the first three polishes out of this collection. In the bottles they don't look particularly special, but each one has a complexity that is appealing.

Partridge in a Pear Tree: This one has been added to the Pahlish core collection so it is still available. It's not too often that you find a nude-based indie polish, and this one is pretty unique. This is a sheer pale pink/nude colour with an orange-gold shimmer and orange micro flakes. The glitter is a pretty mixture of green and wine colour squares and hexes that are tiny to small in size. I used three coats and had no issues with the formula. I did find it a bit sheer, however, so if I wear it again I would try to find a suitable nude-colour base polish.

Pahlish Partridge in a Pear Tree

Two Turtle Doves: This is a charcoal grey jelly with small black and silver glitter - both squares and hexes - and an iridescent shimmer. This one is beautiful but in a very subtle way. I used three coats applied very carefully. There was a bit of shrinkage at the tips, but otherwise the application was good.

Pahlish Two Turtle Doves

Three French Hens: I was expecting a straightforward orange/red glitter polish, but this is way more complex than that. The base is a very sheer orange and it's packed with tiny hex and square glitter in a variety of colours: silver, gold, orange, red, brown, and fuchsia. There's also a touch of green - surprise! The first swatch shows three coats on its own. I really don't like this way of wearing it. I much prefer to layer it or use it for glitter gradients. The second swatch shows one coat over China Glaze Sea Spray, much preferable in my books.

Pahlish Three French Hens

Pahlish Three French Hens over China Glaze Sea Spray

So what do you think? Did you buy any of the polishes from this collection? How do you feel about the idea of me showing the rest of the collection? I'll probably do it anyways but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. :D


  1. I didn't see or hear much about this collection at the time, so I'd love to see more swatches! These ones are beautiful, though my favourite is Partridge in a Pear Tree! :)

    1. Thanks Emma! I don't remember hearing much about it at the time either. I don't think that Pahlish sends out blogger samples for review, which may explain the lack of swatches and info about this collection. :)


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