06 February 2013

My Bloody Valentine

Hi everyone! This is my entry in the Harlow & Co. Facebook Valentine's Day nail art contest. The only requirements for the contest were that you had to enter something new and it had to incorporate at least one polish sold at Harlow & Co. I wasn't really interested in doing something cute or lovey-dovey, so I decided to do a mani based on the theme of "my bloody valentine."

My Bloody Valentine, you may know, is the name of two slasher films - a 1981 film, and the 2009 remake. I wasn't exactly trying to recreate the movie, but rather just the general idea behind that title "my bloody valentine."

"My Bloody Valentine" manicure

For this design, I used piCture pOlish White Wedding for the white, and then piCture pOlish Vampire for the drips and the hearts. It's a very simple design and I'm happy with how it turned out. If you've never done a drip mani, it's very easy. You take the colour that your going to "drip" and you paint it along the tip of your nail. Then using your dotting tool you dot where the drip will end, and then drag the dotting tool up to the tip. I used a teeny tiny dotting tool for the hearts. I wanted them to look, ummm, streaky and a bit messy.

The idea for this design actually came to me before Halloween. I wanted to combine White Wedding and Vampire in a drip mani but didn't have the time. But the idea popped back into my head when I was thinking of ideas for this contest. Doing an anti-Valentine's design was also something that appealed to me.

You can see my entry as well as the other contest entries on the Harlow & Co. Facebook page.


  1. Love this! My favourite Valentines day manicure are the non lovey-dovey types :P

  2. Oh my, this is very Dexter-esque and dark, I LOVE it!! :)


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