04 February 2013

Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake and Stompin' Gilbert Grapes

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great, happy, restful weekend! I'm going to keep my post short tonight. I was looking forward to blogging today, but then I got an email from my dissertation supervisor about an article I wrote. Now I'm in a bad mood - I seriously hate academia sometimes! :'(

I have two swatches from Jindie Nails tonight. When I posted my most recent haul on Instagram, I asked if there were any that people would like to see. These were the two that were requested.

Strawberry Cupcake is from the winter chic collection. It's a pale pink crelly with iridescent shimmer, white hex glitter in different sizes, small pink circles, and teal blue and purple hexes in different sizes. I used three coats for this swatch.

Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake

Jindie Nails Strawberry Cupcake

Stompin' Gilbert Grapes is another white crelly with predominantly pink and green glitter. There's pink and green circles; lavender, purple, and green hexes in different sizes; and transparent neon hexes. This was two coats.

Jindie Nails Stompin' Gilbert Grapes

Jindie Nails Stompin' Gilbert Grapes

The formula on both was similar. Both are packed with glitter and so they tend to be on the thick side. You have to be careful when applying them not to end up with too much glitter at once. I believe I added thinner to both to make them easier to work with. Also the finish is a bit bumpy, so I used a coat of Gelous before applying my top coat.

What do you think of these? Are you getting tired of my Jindie Nails polish collection? ;)


  1. so wonderful both of them - I think, I must own Strawberry Cupcake :)
    no is not tired of your collection - I love Jindie :)

    1. Thanks Mette. I think out of the two Strawberry Cupcake is my favourite as well! I'm glad you like them. :)


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