11 February 2013

Cirque Hellebore (and a Tape Mani)

Hi everyone! Cirque Hellebore is my second experience with Cirque polish (my first was Fleur est Belle) and I have to say I'm impressed with both the beauty of their polishes and the great formula!

Hellebore is from the recent Objet d'Art collection and is a pistachio green glitter in a clear base. It's a mixture of micro to small sized glitter, and the variation adds interest to the polish. There are also flecks of pink and fuchsia micro glitter that you can see if you enlarge the photos, though it's subtle. It can be worn on its own - I used two coats for these swatches - without being too thick, or it can be layered over another polish. For a glitter polish it glides on so smoothly, and there was absolutely no issues with the formula. It also dries extremely quickly.

Cirque Hellebore

Overall, I really love Hellebore. It has a luminosity that, unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture in these photos. And the formula is impressive. But the colour doesn't work too well with my skin tone and it gives me the dreaded "lobster hands." I plan to keep it, but will probably only use it as an accent nail or to do glitter tips. I think it would also be nice layered over a contrasting colour.

Cirque Hellebore

I had the idea to combine it with Estee Lauder Smashed in a tape mani. Smashed is a gorgeous warm-toned purple that has an amazing shimmer with flecks of fuchsia, purple, and blue. The formula was also perfect - I used two coats and there was no issues with it being thin or streaky. I'll have to do a proper swatch of this sometime.

Tape mani with Cirque Hellebore and Estee Lauder Smashed

Cirque Hellebore and Estee Lauder Smashed

I love how the tape mani turned out, it would be perfect for a party or a special night out. But it's not really what I want to be wearing to school tomorrow. So I have to rush off and redo my nails before it gets too late. :/

What do you think of Cirque Hellebore? Do you think it works with the deep purple of Estee Lauder Smashed?


  1. I have been eying that polish for a while now! Welcome to the Cirque family! I feel like once you start buying them, you can't stop because they are so amazing!

    1. Jennifer, I know what you mean! I have three others to try and then I'll need to place another order! :D


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