29 January 2013

Terrestrial Nails Baby

Hi everyone! I have a simple design for you today using a fairly new to me indie polish. I bought this polish from the Terrestrial Nails Etsy store on a Black Friday sale, it took a while to arrive, and then like many polishes sat untried for about a month. And ever since I did my ornament nails, I've been a bit obsessed with doing another design with things on strings. So I thought it would be fun to do some simple nail art while trying out this polish.

Terrestrial Nails Baby

Unfortunately this design suffered from a bit of equipment malfunction, both with the base polish and my striping polish. Terrestrial Nails Baby is a pale mint with small silver hex glitter and tiny pink and green glitter. The formula was okay but it was fairly sheer so took three coats. What caused problems was that it didn't want to clean up properly. I always use a small eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges, but for some reason I had a difficult time trying to get this off my skin. I wonder if it's something with the formula.

Terrestrial Nails Baby

For the lines I used Finger Paints striping polish in You're Kiln Me, a dark brown. This is what gave me such a headache. At first the polish was fine, but by the time I finished one nail, it started to get thick and gloopy. I tried thinning it three separate times and nothing helped. It was also stringy - like melted mozzarella cheese stringy. WTF?! I'm curious to hear if anyone else has used these Finger Paints striping polishes, and if so, was your experience good, or was it like mine?

The final results turned out okay, but it's not one of my favourite manis. What do you think? Have you ever tried Terrestrial Nails?


  1. I think this looks lovely! I just bought some finger paints stripers and they work great for me. Maybe you got a bad bottle? Either way the lines turned out nice :)

    1. Thanks Kelli! Good to hear that your experience has been good. I'll give the Finger Paints another try. I have one other bottle (red) so I'll see if that works - maybe it was just the one bottle. :)

  2. NO MOAR TERRESTRIAL FOR ME. I bought three and didn't like any of them. All of them were way too sheer for my liking.

  3. Polish & Pandas, I totally agree. I wanted to do a more complete review of Terrestrial Nails, but I felt like the post was long enough as it was, I didn't want to go off on too many side tangents. Besides being too sheer another complaint is that the glitter doesn't want to come out and it's hard to fish out. I have two other Terrestrial Nails polishes and if I get a chance to review them, I'm going to address these issues. While I very much support indie polishes, I really feel it's important as a blogger to be honest. :)


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