26 January 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection: Back In My Gloria Days... and Stand By Your Manny

Hi everyone! I have two polishes from the Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection. I actually bought four out of this collection, but I'll show the other two on another day. Like the Selena Gomez collection, I thought there were some great polishes, but many of them I decided to pass on. So these are the ones that really stood out to me.

Back In My Gloria Days...: Isn't this gorgeous!!?? This is a vibrant purple with a very noticeable gold and fuchsia shimmer. The purple is rather warm toned, but it's not a plum colour like Pretty in Plum from the Selena Gomez collection. In the photos it has a very subtle fuchsia to purple duochrome effect and reminds me of Scarlett from the Selena Gomez collection. I really enjoyed wearing this colour, it's fun and bold - I'm pretty sure it was instant love for me. :) Also the formula was perfect. It was a bit thin so I used three coats, but there was no streaking and it levelled perfectly.

Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days...

Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days...

Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days...

Stand By Your Manny: I love the colour, but hate the formula on this one. SBYM is a beautiful periwinkle blue with an iridescent shimmer. The formula is very thin and patchy so I had to use four coats for this swatch. And even though I wait a while in between coats, it seemed like I was lifting off polish from the previous coats every time I laid a new coat down. Grrr...

Nicole by OPI Stand By Your Manny

Nicole by OPI Stand By Your Manny

Overall, I love these two polishes, I just wish that Stand By Your Manny was easier to work with. I really don't know why OPI would release a polish that is subpar in terms of the formula. And it's not like these polishes are cheap. In Canada, NOPI retails for $11, the same price as OPI.

What did you think of the Modern Family collection? Did you end up getting any polishes from the collection?


  1. Beautifully executed manis! I just discovered your blog (love the name!) doing an image search for pictures of Back in My Gloria Days. Both these colors work very well with your skin tone :D. I'm wearing BIMGD currently, over black, and it gives it a lot of depth!

    1. Thank you Janet, and I'm glad you found my blog! :D I'll have to try Back in My Gloria Days over black, that's a great idea!! Cheers!


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