18 January 2013

My NOTW: OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and KBShimmer We Three Blings

Hi everyone! My schedule this semester is such that I don't have a lot of time to do my nails during the week. Well, I should qualify that - I don't have time to do my nails and post on this blog. But since I'm used to changing my nails almost every day (or several times a day if I'm swatching), I tend to get bored wearing the same polish for more than a day.

So I find having something interesting on my nails helps to keep me from getting bored. Enter my NOTW (nail of the week). I've had this mani on my nails for the last four days, and it still captivates me.

Sponged glitter tips: OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and KBShimmer We Three Blings

The base colour is OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, a popular polish from the 2008 India collection. When I first heard about this beauty, I thought for sure it would be hard to find. But luckily my trusty Nail Polish Canada still carries it. RRR is a dark vampy brownish red with a vibrant wine red shimmer. Unfortunately some of the beauty you see in the bottle gets lost when you are wearing it, and on the nails the shimmer is very subtle. But I still appreciate it for being a classic OPI colour, and I'm glad it's in my collection. The application was perfect, this is two coats and it applied very smooth. It was difficult to clean up (as you can see from my photos), so I imagine that it's a bit staining.

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

On the tips I used a makeup sponge to apply KBShimmer We Three Blings. This is from the recent holiday collection, and it's an absolute stunner! Out of the few gold glitter toppers I own, this is by far my favourite! It's a clear base packed with gold shimmer and both gold and gold holo glitter in different sizes. I love the addition of gold holo glitter into the mix, and the shimmer and reflections from this polish are amazing. I could see this looking good over a lot of different polishes.

Sponged glitter tips: OPI Royal Rajah Ruby
and KBShimmer We Three Blings

What do you think? Do you have either of these polishes? Do you get bored wearing the same polish/mani for more than a day?


  1. This OPI reminded me of the OPIs in the 90's where you had to be really careful and look at the flyer that OPI put out with each collection that was somewhere around the store that sold OPI - on it, each shade would have the finish in code - (S), (C), (F) - shimmer, cream, frost. Honestly you did have to really look hard to find the shimmer in a lot of them back then if it was an S and some of the S's really WERE F's back then. They did not have the formulations really figured out...and still we see a lot of other companies that the shimmer goes into hiding on the nail. I have some real favs out of the India collection still today - funny since I have collected OPI since it first came out in late 88 for a very few of us and 89 is really when it seemed to hit most salons but still the releases were small and only 3-4 per yr. I have seen the entire evolution of the company. Sad to see it sold to Coty and not thrilled with all the NOPI end..it's no longer as exclusive as it was. That said, still it's my go to brand most of the time - but while I wore China Glaze in the 80's before OPI came out I am really happy to see ChG stepping up it's game again in the past 4-5 yrs. Wish that CND as it's known now but when I wore it pre OPI days it's bottles all said Creative on them and that's what I still tend to call it - would come back stronger then it is now and market more.

    1. Beachgal, thanks for your comment! :) I only started collecting nail polish recently, so I love hearing about how OPI was years ago. It's a tough one, sometimes companies are better when they are smaller more exclusive, but when they are more widely available then it's a good thing from a consumer standpoint. My first introduction to OPI was through NOPI because I knew nothing about nail polish, so my first ones I bought through the drug store.

      I also wish that you saw CND more, a bit selfish since they're based in SoCal near where I used to live, and my family still is. ;) I was able to get one of their Effects, I found a lot a Winners, but they are really hard to find and not carried many places. They also seem to be heavily marketing their shellacs which is a bit of a disappointment for me since I'm not into those products.


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