09 January 2013

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

Hi everyone! I'm going to try to keep this short, of course I typically say that and it doesn't work. Tuesdays I work late, and then I have to be up early in the morning for work on Wednesday. Not fun!

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone was on my wish list for what seemed like forever, at least for the last couple of months. For international customers (like myself) KBShimmer is sold through Harlow & Co. and they are so popular they often sell out fast. I missed a few restocks either because of timing or lack of funds, but I was able to get my hands on a few of them in one of the restocks several weeks ago.

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

Don't Teal Anyone is a vibrant teal crelly with large blue and gold hex glitter, and small and medium sized hex glitter in aqua, purple, and blue. There is also tiny micro bar glitter (I didn't know such a thing existed!), which I didn't realize until I applied it. But these micro bar glitters tend to drown in the polish base and aren't very visible in the final mani. I love the colour combinations on this one, it is a very fun and vibrant polish!

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

Application was excellent, and I am very happy with the formula of this polish. For some reason I didn't write it down when I did this swatch, but I'm pretty sure this is two coats. Like many indie glitter polishes, giving it a good shake will make sure it doesn't get too thick when you apply it. Luckily, I found this one to be very easy to apply and there was great glitter payoff.

KBShimmer Don't Teal Anyone

I wanted this polish so bad for so many months, and I'm happy to say that it fulfilled my expectations with the beautiful colour, fun glitter, and great formula. Isn't it disappointing when you buy a polish you've been lemming, only to be upset by the colour, formula, and/or finish?!

What do you think? Do you like KBShimmer? And if you have a favourite KBShimmer, let me know in the comments, I might want to add a few more to my next order if they're in stock! ;)

KBShimmer is available through Harlow & Co., and KBShimmer (US only).


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