03 January 2013

Girly Bits Season of Sparkle: My Picks, Part 1

Hi everyone! So were you back to work today? I'll be going back tomorrow, which I'm dreading since I've become a bit nocturnal over the winter holiday. It's going to be lots of coffee for me tomorrow!

When Pam of Girly Bits released her holiday collection "Season of Sparkle" at the end of November, I jumped at the chance to own some of them. I ended up getting five of these beauties. I'm going to be showing you two today, and the other three I'll show tomorrow! :)

Today I have the two glitter toppers that I bought, Heirloom and Eight Crazy Nights. For fun I decided to try them over two different polishes each to get a sense of the different possibilities. The formula for the two is very similar, so I'll talk about that at the end.

Heirloom was an instant love for me. It's made up of silver, pink, and wine-coloured hex and square glitter that's small to medium in size. There's no fancy shimmer or holographic particles trying to wow you, just shiny glitter. And I like that. The beauty of this polish is in the unique mix of colours - very feminine, almost conservative - and the simplicity. I really don't have anything like this.

Girly Bits Heirloom over Avon Vintage Boutique

I first tried Heirloom over Avon Vintage Boutique. I really like the combination of a neutral with the rose and wine-coloured glitter. If there was such a thing as a work-appropriate glitter mani, this would be it! The second swatch is over Essie Where's My Chauffeur? I *love* (LOVE!!!) this combination!! For the second swatch, I wanted something that provided a bit of contrast, but I was so surprised by how much I love these two colours together. Even though both Heirloom and Where's My Chauffeur are holiday collection polishes, I could see myself wearing this mani year round.

Girly Bits Heirloom over Essie Where's My Chauffeur?

Eight Crazy Nights I'm assuming is a reference to Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song where he describes Chanukah as "eight crazy nights." Crazy would be one way of describing this polish (and I mean that in a good way), there's so much going on here!! There's two different shades of blue hex glitter - a dark navy blue and a vibrant cerulean blue. As well, there's silver hexes, squares, and diamonds, some of which are holographic. And to top it off there's blue diamonds and holo micro glitter. Photographs I've seen of this polish really fail to show off its sparkle.

Girly Bits Eight Crazy Nights over China Glaze Pelican Gray

The first swatch is Eight Crazy Nights over China Glaze Pelican Gray. I really like this combination, it brings out the blue in the polish. But the second swatch - over A-England Lady of Shallot - really took me by surprise. In the lightbox this looks flat, but in real life, the holo shimmer really pops over the dark base. The shimmer takes over and you have an almost galaxy nail effect. This was my favourite of the two combinations - it really radiates and has a mysterious look.

Girly Bits Eight Crazy Nights over A-England Lady of Shallot

Formula: For all swatches I did one coat over the base colour. I found that the glitter payoff with both was excellent. There were a few areas where the glitter was a bit sparse, so I did touch ups in those areas. Like most glitter polishes, shaking or rolling between the palms before applying will help to get more glitter onto the brush. Overall, I was very pleased with both polishes.

What do you think? Do you have either of these? Which combination is your favourite?

I bought these through Girly Bits' Bigcartel store, but they are also available through other retailers, see the Girly Bits website for more info.

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