13 January 2013

Fanchromatic Nails Lady of Light and Rebel Heart

Hi everyone! I was originally planning to post swatches of the rest of my Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez polishes, but something happened that derailed my plans...I went to the store this evening to pick up one more! And you thought it was something bad, lol. ;) So I'll wait until I can swatch the last one so I can show all of them together.

In the meantime, I have two new polishes from Fanchromatic Nails. I've been a fan of this indie brand for a while. Lynae Zebest, the maker of Fanchromatic Nails, gets her inspiration from fan culture. I'll admit that I'm not familiar with many of her sources, and the closest I get to fan culture is my love of the Big Bang Theory. But there is just something unique about these polishes, a "je ne sais quoi." Some of her polishes are delicate and feminine, but many are quirky, even unusual. And others have what I would describe as a grittiness to them that is appealing in it's own way. It's one of the things I love about indie polishes, each maker has her own style, and I see that in Fanchromatic Nails.

Fanchromatic Nails came out recently with a bunch of new polishes, and I ended up buying a lot in late November / early December. So expect to see more of this brand. For now I have swatches of just these two.

Lady of Light: This is from the There and Back Again collection, inspired by the works of Tolkien. This is a very pretty blue-grey polish packed with a variety of glitter: medium blue hexes; small hexes in white, green, pink, and aqua; as well as teeny tiny green bar glitter. I love the complexity of the polish, and the blue-grey colour I find appealing. It was a bit sheer so I used three coats for these swatches. But the formula was a tad thick, so I found it tricky to work with, even after shaking and adding thinner. Next time I will wear one coat over undies.

Fanchromatic Nails Lady of Light 
Fanchromatic Nails Lady of Light

Rebel Heart: This, along with Lady of Light, is a new release. It is from the Strange New Worlds collection, inspired by Star Trek. This is an intense reddish burnt orange with gold shimmer and micro glitter. It also has gold and orange hex glitter. I used two thin coats and I found the application to be very good with good glitter payoff. The formula was easier to work with than Lady of Light, and it was not too thick or chunky. I don't normally go for red-orange colours, but I really enjoyed this one, it's very fiery and vibrant.

Fanchromatic Nails Rebel Heart
Fanchromatic Nails Rebel Heart

Side note - speaking of Star Trek, did you see the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory!? The Star Trek costumes!!! The photos in the desert!! Lol, I loved it! Sorry, I digress...

What do you think of Fanchromatic Nails? Do you own any of these polishes?

Fanchromatic Nails has an Etsy store, and now is also available through Shoppe Eclecticco.


  1. I really like Rebel Heart! Lady of Light looks pretty too but I think that the base muddles up the glitter too much ):

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean about Lady of Light. I agree completely. But if you look at other Fanchromatic Nails polishes, the muddled base seems almost appropriate. Her polishes just have that look.


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