23 January 2013

Dot Manicure With Julep Ava and Bette

Hi everyone! I'm posting a bit earlier today, I've got some marking and editing to do and I'm trying to put it off as long as possible! :D

I'm currently wearing this mani, I did this Monday night and I'm still not tired of it. The inspiration was these nails by The Polished Perfectionist. But instead of a more classic nude look, I wanted to use Julep Ava and Bette, the two polishes I got in my January Julep Maven box (this was the Bombshell box). I also decided to mix it up a bit and add a reverse accent nail.

Dot manicure with Julep Ava and Bette

I used a fairly small dotting tool, and the only trick with this design was the placement of the dots. I made a few errors, but I'm happy with how it turned out. But a little bit about the polishes...

Julep Bette and Ava

Ava: This is a pale pink with a nice silver shimmer that's subtle but noticeable. It's described on the Julep website as a "ballet slipper pink frost," but it really isn't a frost. What I like about this polish is that it's not sheer like most pale pinks, and 2 coats provided full coverage. It is however a bit thick and at times seemed a bit stringy (I'm not sure how else to describe it), but it was totally manageable. It's such a pretty polish though, and for me worth the effort.

Dot manicure with Julep Ava and Bette

Bette: This one surprised me very much. It's described on the Julep website as an "electric neon purple creme." I don't know how neon this is - the colour is gorgeous but not super bright. It's a bit more sheer so I used three coats, and it dries to a beautiful matte finish. With a top coat it looks like gel nails. I adore both the colour and finish on this one.

Dot manicure with Julep Ava and Bette

Final Thoughts: Overall, I like these two Julep polishes and I'll definitely be using them again. One thing to note about these polishes if you've never seen them in person: they are fairly small, 8ml/0.27 fl. oz. to be exact. So they are closer to a mini polish than a full sized polish. Already with Ava just using it for one swatch and one full mani, I noticed about 1/4 - 1/3 of the bottle has been used. So if you are interested in buying them, get the Julep Maven box so you can buy them at a discount. You get two polishes plus one extra item (i.e. foot cream, cuticle oil) for $20, and you can get add-on polishes for $5 each.

What do you think of this mani? Have you tried the Julep Maven boxes?


  1. I have had my Maven subscription since November and I do enjoy the discounts and bonuses. I have to agree that after one or two applications, the fill lines sadly do go down :( My only thought is that they really start to add up each month so you have to use them sometime..lol I have Fiona & Madison- as far as the neons- and I really love the finish. It's almost like IIamasqua's rubber finish... great mani (as usual)!

    1. Thanks Elena! I'm the worse for buying polish and not using it. I have so many untrieds! But it seems especially worse with the Julep polishes. And for the next month I got 6 polishes to add on - yikes!

      I thought the same thing about the finish, I wasn't sure whether to call it rubber finish or matte, I'm not really sure what the difference is, so I went with the latter. :)


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