18 December 2012

Piper Polish: Blue My Mind and All That Glitters is Gold

Hi everyone! I guess you can probably tell I'm a bit behind on the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge. I'm still going to try and do some of the challenges, but I have to take a bit of a break for the next 2-3 days. As a teaching assistant at two universities, it's a busy time of year for me, and I have a lot of exams to mark and final grades to submit for one of my classes. Believe me, I'd rather be doing nail art!!

So I'm going to show some swatches that I did awhile ago, but haven't had the chance to post. The photos for today's post are a bit odd together, the first ones were taken in natural light with my old camera, while the second set were taken in the lightbox with my new camera. Sorry about that, but I just don't have the time to re-swatch things right now.

Piper Polish is an indie brand that is sort of new to me. I really don't know how I came across these polishes. I think what happened is that I saw a photo of Blue My Mind on a blog somewhere and decided I wanted it, so I ordered the two polishes to make the shipping worthwhile.

Blue My Mind

This is a beautiful pale blue jelly. If you've been following my blog or instagram, you might already know that I have a big thing for pale blue, and I find this one to be fairly unique. It has two sizes of silver hex glitter (tiny and small/medium), very teeny tiny blue and pink square glitter (I love these!), and what looks like blue micro-glitter. I also ended up with one larger piece of gold glitter, and I can't tell if this was an anomaly (maybe intended for another batch of nail polish) or if there are just very few of these in the batch.

Piper Polish Blue My Mind

I love this combination of colours and glitter! It's very delicate without being boring, and I found it to be a really interesting polish to look at. The formula on this one was good and I used two coats, the second coat being a bit thick.

Piper Polish Blue My Mind

All That Glitters is Gold

This polish is made up of black hex glitter in two sizes, small and medium, and gold glitter in two shapes/sizes - small squares and medium hexes. It's also got a very fine gold holo glitter that is gorgeous when it catches the light. Here you see two thin coats over China Glaze For Audrey. I love how the gold really plays with the colour underneath, bringing out the turquoise in For Audrey.

Piper Polish All That Glitters is Gold
(over China Glaze For Audrey)

The formula on this one was not the greatest, and there were several issues. First, all the larger pieces, everything except for the small gold squares and the fine holo glitter, sink to the bottom. So you have to let it sit upside down for at least 30 minutes, and also roll it between the palms. Even then it's still difficult to get the larger pieces out. Second issue, I found it to be rather thick and gloopy. Trying to do the dab method only resulted in too much polish on the nail. It was so bad that it reacted funny with my top coat and I actually had to redo these swatches. That never happens.

Piper Polish All That Glitters is Gold (over China Glaze For Audrey)

Third issue is that it seems the gold glitter, both the squares and hexes, are curling. I'm a bit hesitant to mention this one. From what I understand, if you contact a seller about this issue, they usually will do whatever they can to fix the problem (i.e. give you a new bottle, refund your money, etc.). But I haven't contacted the seller, I just have too much on my plate, and it's one more thing to deal with. And I'm lazy, if you couldn't tell. ;) But the curling isn't really that bad. It's just noticeable and kind of irks me.

Final thoughts: Overall I'm happy with these two polishes, and the service I received from Piper Polish was excellent. My orders were shipped out right away. Also, both polishes are unique in my stash. I was worried that All That Glitters would be a dupe for Pahlish Goldmine Gutted (reviewed here) but they are completely different. All That Glitters lacks the copper glitter in the Pahlish, and they have distinct mixtures of glitter. But despite how much I like these, I don't think I'll be placing another order. Piper Polish has raised its shipping rates dramatically for international customers, including Canada, and I just can't justify spending $15-20 to ship a few indie polishes. I typically will only spend that much for shipping high-end/pricey polishes like Rescue Beauty Lounge and Lynnderella.

What do you think of Piper Polish? Do you own any?


  1. wow, that last topper is very cute!

    1. I agree! And different from other gold glitter toppers that I've seen!


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