20 December 2012

Pahlish Your Silver Lining

Hi everyone! My work ran later than I thought tonight, so I'm showing you another polish that I swatched awhile ago. I'm also not in the most talkative mood so I'm going to keep this short (we'll see how that goes).

Your Silver Lining is part of my quickly growing Pahlish collection. I seriously love everything that Shannon Pahlas makes. This polish is discontinued, but I bought it at a blog sale: jyjnp who I follow on Tumblr. She's got a lot of Pahlish, OPI, and now I see even some Lynnderella. I would recommend buying from her, she's really quick to respond and send things out.

Pahlish Your Silver Lining

YSL (not to be confused with the other YSL) is a sheer white with silver holo glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes: tiny round glitter, bar glitter, and small and large hexes and squares. It's perfect for a winter mani. This is two coats over China Glaze Sea Spray, followed by a coat of Gelous, and a coat of Seche Vite.

Pahlish Your Silver Lining

My first impression of YSL was not too good. I applied it over Essie Mezmerised, a vibrant cobalt blue (previously reviewed here). The base colour was too dark, at least for my taste. YSL I find works better layered over a lighter colour, such as white, or a pale blue, pink, lilac, or even grey. It's a pretty versatile polish in that you can layer it over a lot of lighter pale colours for a different look or effect.

Pahlish Your Silver Lining

The formula on this was okay. I found it difficult to get a good glitter payoff hence the two coats I used. The glitter tends to sink to the bottom, so I let it sit upside down for several hours (30 minutes would probably work fine). But what really helped to get the glitter out is rolling it between my palms. It's the larger hexes, bars, and squares that really make this polish pop when it's on the nails, but it's pretty difficult to get them out.

What do you think of Your Silver Lining? Do you own any Pahlish?

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