16 December 2012

Nails for Newtown and piCture pOlish White Wedding

Hi everyone! I don't have my "something cozy" nails for the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, but I hope to get back to the challenge tomorrow. A number of nail polish bloggers have called for white manicures in honour of the victims of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. On several occasions I've done my nails for particular causes, such as green manicures for Depression Awareness month, and blue for World Diabetes Day. But I'm also a skeptical and cynical person by nature, and I have to wonder what good it does to do my nails for a particular cause. I hope in this case it's to show that people care about what happened, and although we may go back to work or go about our day to day business, we don't really ever forget about tragic events like yesterday's shooting.

"Nails for Newtown": piCture pOlish White Wedding and Different Dimension Selene

I only hope that something good will come out of yesterday's events, I feel there have been far too many mass shootings in the States. It would be nice to see people (and politicians) actually try to come to solutions, instead of just shedding tears and lighting candles.

Nails for Newtown

Different Dimension Selene over piCture pOlish White Wedding

For my white mani I wore Different Dimension Selene over piCture pOlish White Wedding. I have reviewed Selene previously, if you're interested you can see that post here. I really love this combination of white on white. It's ethereal, delicate, and sensitive. Both polishes have iridescent/multi-coloured shimmers, so it is nice to see the different layers of white and shimmer interact with one another. It was difficult to fully capture on camera, and it's one of those manicures that must really be appreciated in person.

Different Dimension Selene over piCture pOlish White Wedding

piCture pOlish White Wedding

Since I am also trying to go through all my untrieds and review every polish I own, I also wanted to review White Wedding. This is one of the piCture pOlish collaboration shades, it was designed for Leah Ann of Llarowe. It's a sheer white polish, but not exactly a jelly finish. As mentioned it has a pastel multi-colour shimmer. If you look up close the shimmer is comprised of irregular shaped flakes. Unfortunately though, I was not able to capture much of the colour shimmer with my camera - the disadvantage of using a lightbox. :(

piCture pOlish White Wedding

For these pictures I've worn two coats of White Wedding over two coats of Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat. This base coat is a sheer milky white, and I like to use it under very sheer pale colours. It helps to hide the staining of my nails, it also means I don't need to wear three or four coats of my polish. And with a polish like White Wedding, which comes in a smaller 11ml bottle, I'd like to try and conserve it as much as I can.

piCture pOlish White Wedding

Formula: The formula on White Wedding was excellent. It applied smoothly, it wasn't difficult to work with, and it dried in a reasonable amount of time. I also didn't have any issues with streaking. I read other reviews on this polish, notably by The PolishAholic and Scrangie, and both mentioned that the formula on White Wedding was difficult - a bit thick and "gooey". I'm not disagreeing with them, but I also didn't experience the problems they mentioned. So I wonder if the formula was tweaked since then.

Comparison: The only polish that I could compare it to is Girly Bits January Morning (discussed here). White Wedding is a cool-toned white, whereas January Morning is more warm-toned, leaning towards cream coloured. Both have subtle multi-coloured shimmers, however, the shimmer in January Morning is far more subtle. And January Morning is even more sheer than White Wedding. Of the two I much prefer White Wedding.

What do you think of White Wedding? Did you paint your nails white to remember the victims of the Newtown shooting?

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