29 December 2012

Bourjois Paris Blue Moonlight: Review and Comparison

Early November I was in Montreal for a conference located downtown. I didn't have time to do any shopping, but I did have the chance to pop into a Pharmaprix on my first night there. I was curious to see if they had anything that I couldn't buy where I live. In the high end/specialty cosmetics section I was attracted to a display of products by Bourjois Paris. Colourful, trendy, with a price point higher than drugstore brands, but not as high as luxury brands, I was instantly intrigued. However, I passed on buying some of their nail polish simply because I had decided to purchase something a bit more special (a bottle of Dior Diva - do you blame me!?).

Cue my shopping trip last night. I stopped at a Shoppers Drug Mart that I don't normally go to and was pleasantly surprised to see a display of Bourjois Paris products, the first time I had seen them near where I live. Their selection of nail polish is limited but I settled my eye on the Paris Blue Moonlight collection, a limited edition winter collection. Blue Moonlight is the only nail polish from that collection, but it is exactly the kind of colour that I tend to go for. I also was attracted to the different bottle shape (it reminds me of bottles I've seen by Ludurana), the promise of a gel-like finish, and the claim for a "1 second" manicure.

Bourjois Paris Blue Moonlight

Blue Moonlight is a deep blue-black, a midnight blue, with a lighter blue shimmer. A very close inspection reveals hints of purple, green, and rose in the shimmer, but the blue is definitely predominant. The shimmer is only noticeable in some lights, and most of the time this polish comes across as a midnight blue creme.

Bourjois Paris Blue Moonlight

Formula: The brush is very wide, flat, and slightly rounded. It is similar to the brushes on Essence Colour & Go polishes, but is a bit wider. Because of the wide brush, Bourjois promises a "1 second" manicure. Supposedly you only need one stroke per nail, which apparently they timed to take 1 second. ;) With the exception of the pinky finger, you are much better off sticking to three strokes: one for the middle, and one for each side. As for the gel/silicone-like texture, I found that the polish upon drying looked like any regular nail polish. So no unique feature there. This polish does, however, have a very nice formula - it is heavily pigmented and is a one-coater. Though I used two coats for these swatches, mainly out of habit.

Comparison: When writing this post I realized that I definitely had a thing for midnight blue. I pulled out five other polishes in the deep blue-black family, and decided that three of them were close enough to Blue Moonlight to warrant a comparison. So from left to right is the following:

L-R: Bourjois, Revlon, Essence, and Essie

  • Index: Bourjois Blue Moonlight. Slightly more vibrant than the Revlon or the Essence, it is a bit more of a cool-toned blue and has a hint of purple that is absent in some of the others.
  • Middle: Revlon Midnight Affair. The base on this is more of a smoky muted blue-black. It has a predominantly blue shimmer with slight hints of green.
  • Ring: Essence Colour & Go Date in the Moonlight. This is the most muted of the four, and is closer to a dark blue-grey. It also has the most noticeable shimmer, which is blue with hints of green and purple. 
  • Index: Essie Midnight Cami. This is the most vibrant of the four and the base colour is more of a phthalo blue. The shimmer on this is a very fine blue leaning towards green. 

Final thoughts:
While the formula on Blue Moonlight is great, and I love that it's a one coater, it's not the most unique shade. Out of the three compared, the Revlon and the Essie are both very close to the Bourjois. But I had fun trying a new brand. Out of the four, the Essie is by far my favourite - despite being so dark, the colour is beautiful and vibrant.

I'm curious if anyone else has tried Bourjois Paris nail polish, and if so what you think.


  1. I miss this brand - it used to be sold in Sephora and on QVC and other places in the USA. I think it pulled out of USA retail as I never find it anymore anywhere. I liked a lot of their eye shadows and some other products - never got to try any polishes from this company.

    1. That's what I heard and it's unfortunate. Their stuff looks really cute but it seems to only be available in Canada, Europe and maybe Japan (based on some message boards I was reading).


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