06 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 6: White!

Hi everyone! Since I skipped posting yesterday, I'm doing two posts today. For day six of the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, I tried two different manis, one that was a success, and one that was...well...not so successful. Let's start with the success first.

My official mani for day six of the challenge is Lynnderella Ghost of a Chance over Girly Bits January Morning. Lynnderella recently started shipping to Canada, and guess which Canuck was the first to take advantage of that? Me, of course! For my first ever Lynnderella order I bought several polishes from the Halloween collection, and one from the summer collection.

Lynnderella Ghost of a Chance over Girly Bits January Morning

This is one coat of Ghost of a Chance over one coat of Girly Bits January Morning. I could have omitted January Morning since it is so sheer, but I felt it added a bit of iridescent shimmer. I used two coats of Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat, which is a sheer white and helped to cover up a bit of the staining on my nails.

Lynnderella Ghost of a Chance over Girly Bits January Morning

Ghost of a Chance is from the Halloween collection, though it doesn't really scream Halloween. It's got a very sheer white base with an iridescent shimmer, and it's packed with white glitter of various shapes - mainly hexes, squares, diamonds, and hearts. It also has glitter in a variety of pastel colours - pink, blue, lavender, green, and yellow - although the white glitter dominates. The glitter is not really shiny, and has more of a matte sheen. I love the delicacy of this polish, and I find that individual pieces of glitter really catch my eye - the pale blue diamond on my thumb, the white heart on my middle finger, the pale green hex on my ring finger...

Lynnderella Ghost of a Chance over Girly Bits January Morning

The application was fairly easy, but still required a bit of effort. I rolled the polish between my hands for a few minutes before applying, and I used the dabbing method to get decent glitter coverage.

So that was my success, now onto my fail. The first mani I tried this morning was Girly Bits January Morning on its own. January Morning is a very sheer white with a delicate iridescent shimmer. It is much more sheer than I thought it was going to be. I started with one coat of Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat, which I like to use under sheer pale colours to get some coverage on the nail without having to use an opaque white. But after four (yes four!) coats of January Morning, it was far too sheer and my stained nails were still very visible. I didn't like this at all.

Girly Bits January Morning four coats

My opinion of January Morning is mixed. Since I don't like it on its own, then the only other option is to layer it over another polish. But it is so subtle that it gives just a very delicate shimmer to a base colour without really changing it, not the most useful, IMO. But I'm willing to give it another try sometime.

Have you tried Girly Bits January Morning? Any successes?

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