06 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 5: Blue!

Hi everyone! I didn't end up posting yesterday on account that it was my birthday and I wanted to relax and spend some time with my sister. Day five of the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge was a special day for me. Not only was it my birthday, but I was able to wear a new polish that my mother and step-father had sent to me for my birthday (thanks guys!!).

Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line

Cue Chanel Sky Line from the Blue Illusion de Chanel makeup collection released in July. I first saw this polish on Ommorphia Beauty Bar. If you don't read this blog, you really should. I always enjoy reading Eugenia's reviews of various beauty products. Everything is gorgeously photographed, and she always puts together a very thoughtful and thorough description and assessment of whatever product she is writing about. So naturally when I saw her review of Chanel Sky Line I fell in love. And when I saw that it could be purchased online but could only be sent to a US address, I called my mom. Mom was happy to obliged, so I received both Sky Line and Diwali for my birthday. I hope to have a review of Diwali soon.

Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line

One would think that the words "Chanel" and "Limited Edition" would mean accolades and hoards of polish fans rushing to buy this colour. While it's been very popular, there's also been mixed reactions to this polish, judging by reviews I've read. So I'm going to add my voice to the debate. I absolutely love this polish, and find it to be very unique and beautiful, however, it is not 100% without its problems.

Chanel Sky Line is a pale periwinkle blue with a slight frost/metallic finish. Although this was released earlier this year, it has an iciness to it that lends itself to being a perfect winter colour, evoking the look of an ice princess. It also has a very subtle and delicate silver shimmer that is not highly visible but adds to the beauty of this polish. This colour has been criticized for its frost finish, however, the frost finish is not intense like some polishes of the past. And I would argue that rather than being a detriment, the slight frost finish gives this polish a greater luminosity.

Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line

The application required some patience, but was not too difficult. Because of the visible brushstrokes, you do have to take some time to make sure that you are brushing it on very straight and with care. But the polish does not dry too fast, so you are able to go over any mistakes before it sets. Yet the drying time is not so slow that you will be sitting around waiting for polish to dry. I also found the formula to be a perfect consistency, not too thin or thick, and completely self-levelling. I used two coats for full coverage. I have heard complaints on other reviews about bubbling, but I didn't really have problems with that. Occasionally, a bubble would appear while applying this polish, but I was able to smooth it out with the brush.

Chanel Le Vernis Sky Line

If you are a lover of all things blue (like myself), and/or anything to do with Chanel or limited edition polishes, you may very well be interested in this polish. Sky Line retails for $30 USD, which is a bit pricier than their non-limited edition polishes. But for a very unique colour with a beautiful finish, I believe that the cost is worth it. I definitely feel lucky to have this in my collection.

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