03 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 3: Green!

Hi everyone! Day three into the nail challenge, and I'll admit, I'm starting to wonder, "What did I get myself into?" Yes I know, I haven't exactly done anything challenging yet, but the demand to produce something everyday, coupled with the intense workload I've had lately, has made me a rather unhappy camper.

Alongside that, we've had the worst overcast weather these past few days. This makes me super nervous and upset since I prefer to do all my photographs with lots of natural light. Otherwise, my camera just registers a bunch of coloured blurry blobs where my painted nails should be.

Pahlish Still Alive

So I didn't think I would have anything to post on this blog for day three. I painted my nails last night, hoping for sun this morning, but I woke up with the ominous feeling that it was not going to be my day. The morning went by, 9 then 10AM, and still no sunshine. So I posted a somewhat decent iPhone photo on my Instagram to fulfill the requirements. But I refuse to post cell phone photos on my blog. Unless, of course, it is an emergency, like I'm dying and headed to the emergency room, but I just got to show my mani before I bite the big one. Lol.

But suddenly, there it was, the sun came out from behind the clouds, light beaming into my apartment (yes, I'm being overly dramatic for something that really doesn't require it... my blog, remember?). So I rushed over, flung the curtains open (I was decently dressed, thankfully), and started snapping pictures. I pray my neighbours don't see me take pictures of my nails, hence they think I'm loony.

What is all the point of this you ask?

Simply that I'm learning that being a nail polish blogger means being a slave to the sun. You think I was living in the pre-electricity era the way I wish for lots of sunshine. So I ordered a lightbox to put an end to this insanity. I hope it gets here soon.

Pahlish Still Alive

If you are still reading (I would really be surprised if you were), you are probably wondering, "Is she going to write about nail polish?" Well, yes I am! Here it goes...

This is Pahlish Still Alive from the Still Alive Portal collection, one of the two Pahlish fall collections of this year. This was the collection that started me on my Pahlish addition. I absolutely love this polish. It's a deep green teal jelly packed with iridescent green glitter (which has a golden shimmer to it at times),  and gold micro flakes. It is supposed to have a blue duochrome, but I find the blue is very subtle. Most of the time this polish reads as green, almost a grass or a forest green, and only with lots of sunlight can you see a hint of blue.

Pahlish Still Alive

This colour is so saturated and intense with a gorgeous shimmer, that it's hard not to love. I also appreciate that it achieves this without the addition of large glitter, which tends to be common in indie glitter polishes. Formula-wise, I found it a bit thick so I added thinner. But other than that I had little problems with the application. This is two coats.

I find it to be a very unique polish, both in terms of what I own, and what I have seen out there. I did by chance pick up a bottle of Essence Choose Me! off my shelf and found it very similar to Still Alive. Both are blue-green duochromes with a golden shimmer, but of course Choose Me! lacks the glitter seen in Still Alive. Indoors, they look almost identical in terms of colour, but once they are in the sun, Choose Me! has a much more noticeable blue duochrome. I've included a bottle shot taken in natural light.

Essence Choose Me! and Pahlish Still Alive

So what do you think? Do you own Still Alive, the polish or the collection?

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