11 December 2012

Advent Calendar Nail Challenge, Day 10: Lights

Today's theme is lights, which seems pretty straightforward. Growing up, my house was not overly decorated during the holidays, but the lights always went up every year - a few strings on the outside of the house, or around the window. I'm sure at one time or another everyone has had the experience of the string with the burnt out bulbs. Maybe you had the entire tree decorated, all the ornaments and lights in place, only to plug it in and find *sh!t* a sequence of lights is burnt out. Well that's the idea behind these nails. You didn't think I would just do a simple strand of lights, did you? Did you!?

Burnt out holiday lights nail art

Here's the polishes I used for this design:

Essie Sand Tropez
Essie Shine of the Times
Orly Luxe
Stripe Rite Black
Illamasqua Viridian
Orly Miss Conduct
Orly Royal Navy

Burnt out holiday lights nail art

I started with my base colour of Sand Tropez, then using a makeup sponge I dabbed on a touch of Luxe and Shine of the Times to my index, middle, and pinky fingers. I drew in the string and bulbs with the Stripe Rite Black, but I used my small detail nail art brush, not the brush that came with the polish. I found I wasn't able to control the striping brush enough for this design, but the polish has a nice thin consistency that is good for line work. I painted in the bulbs with Viridian, Miss Conduct, and Royal Navy. And voila!

Burnt out holiday lights nail art

What do you think? I'll admit that I'm not the craziest about this design. I think it turned out alright, but like usual, it's not what I envisioned. My mind seems to be a few steps ahead of my skills. Although this one is not my favourite, it's all about learning. Maybe someday I'll think back and want to recreate this design, so I believe in keeping a record of the things I try.

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