28 July 2014

The Polish Bar, Swatches and Review: Electric Violet and Orchid 2014

Hi everyone! Last night I showed you some nail art featuring The Polish Bar's Orchid 2014, and I couldn't wait to show you swatches of this gorgeous polish. I've posted quite a few polishes from this brand, and while I enjoyed them all, I saved my favourite two for last.

The Polish Bar Electric Violet and Orchid 2014

The Nail Bites: Radiant Orchid with The Polish Bar Orchid 2014

Hi everyone! In the group of polishes that was sent to me from The Polish Bar was the absolutely stunning Orchid 2014 (review coming soon!). Of course I had to create some orchid-themed nail art to go with it! Naturally, Chalkboard Nails' stunning orchid mani was on my mind, which is near impossible to top. Instead, I decided to do something less detailed.

Radiant orchid nail art
Radiant orchid nail art

26 July 2014

Nail Talk: Julep's Photoshopping Admission - Practical or Too Far?

Hi everyone! I haven't done a Nail Talk post in quite some time. To be honest, there really hasn't been much that I've been wanting to debate or discuss. But a recent article on the Julep blog has gotten me thinking about the practice of photoshopping nail photographs.

If you have suggestions for future Nail Talk posts, please leave a comment or email me: willpaintnailsforfood@gmail.com.

GOT Polish Challenge: Cone Flowers With Sally Hansen Lightening

Hi everyone! I'm still catching up with the "Golden Oldies Thursday" Challenge. Week three was yellow, so I pulled out one of my favourite and most used yellows...Sally Hansen Lightening.

Cone flowers freehand nail art
Cone flowers freehand nail art

25 July 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Zazzy Chevrons With Misa Lime Love

Hi everyone! I'm two weeks behind on the "Golden Oldies Thursday" challenge, and since I'm very determined to finish this time (not that I get a certificate or any kind of credential!), I'm going to be playing catchup. So I spent the last day pulling out a few of my favourite polishes to do some nail art. For more on the GOT Challenge, you can read my last post.

Zazzy chevrons nail art
Zazzy chevrons nail art

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